$100 Per Survey – Sites That Actually Pay!

To expect money earned through surveys to be the main source of income is definitely unrealistic, but having some extra money to help get rid of that debt is never a bad idea.

If you’re wondering which survey sites pay the most, here are our top picks that offer $100+ per survey.

1.  Fieldwork

Fieldwork is a research group company and is often on the lookout for different kinds of people to participate in research studies.

These studies are quite random and are conducted both in-person as well as online. The company first evaluates your personality on the basis of the information you provide and then allots you a particular research.

Along with surveys, some simple activities like in-home interviews, taste tests, product trials, etc can also help you earn with this kind of company.

You can get paid more than $100 for the time you put in however this will also depend greatly on demographics.

2. Survey Club

Another high paying survey site in the market, Survey Club allows you to get paid as high as $115 per study that you take.

You’re paid for everything from product research and focus groups to taking surveys. Once you’ve signed up, you’re shown research studies that are relevant to you. The details you entered guide the site to match you with appropriate results.

3. Vindale Research

Vindale Research is one of the best online survey sites out there. This brand is actually a market research company that brands hire to gather consumer insight.

They don’t necessarily pay you $100 per survey but is one of the highest paying survey sites that remunerate you for your opinion. They are highly recommended by their users and offer a lot of opportunities to earn a decent amount of money.

How Does It Work?

  • Sign up with the site; this can also be done using your existing social media.
  • Complete your profile and provide the required information.
  • You get a sign up bonus of $2 and you now can start exploring surveys that interest and match your demographics.

How Much Does It Pay?

Vindale Research advertises making up to $50 per survey for its users. Not all surveys have the same reward though, they can range anywhere from $2-$50.

4. Mindspay

Mindspay is a website that pays its users to review products and evaluate them. You also get a bonus for registering and once you give in your information, it sends you emails on products and services that require your feedback.

It’s possible to make about $50 per survey which is a great opportunity for those living in the US.

5. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is one of the top paid survey sites. Steadfast and trustworthy, it is used by thousands of people living in the US, Canada and Australia.

Taking surveys on this site is not an instant way of becoming a millionaire but for some extra money on the side, it’s a no brainer. Making money while doing almost nothing is the dream, isn’t it?

How Does It Work?

  • You can sign up using your email id.
  • Choose the surveys that interest you and pay the highest.
  • Fill surveys and start earning.

How Much Does It Pay?

The amount you receive on completing a survey completely depends on the nature and size of it. Longer surveys naturally thus pay the user more than a short, quick survey.

Each survey rewards you a number of points. In the world of Survey Junkie, every 1000 points = $10 and every short survey (1-20 minutes) rewards you from 10-90 points.

6. American Consumer Opinion

American consumer opinion is another online website that offers its users frequent high paying surveys.

You need a minimum amount of $10 to cash out which honestly isn’t hard to achieve. However, expect long surveys, sometimes the high paying surveys can take more than 60 minutes.

How Does It Work?

  • Joining this site is free. Just sign up with your email.
  • Answer questions like information about annual income, age, relationship status, etc.
  • Wait for the site to offer you relevant surveys and start filling.

How Much Does It Pay?

They pay the users in “points” where every point is equal to a dollar.

For short surveys, users can expect between 5-50 points and longer surveys fall in the range of 100-5000 points. You need a minimum of 1000 points to cash out via PayPal.

7. Userinterviews.com

Userinterviews.com is a simple website where you sign in with your information and once a project or research meets your demographic, they will send you a list of projects.

If a project seems interesting to you out of this list, you can fill out the profile and on qualifying, you’re paid for the time you put in. Different projects pay different and the amounts are quite extreme. It is important to ensure that the project matches your demographic to save your time.

Userinterviews.com advertises a payment of $30 for a customer and $70 per survey for a professional who takes their survey. If you do qualify, you can earn a hefty amount in a short time!

8. Swagbucks

One of the most popular and convenient ways to make extra money is Swagbucks. From something as simple as watching videos and playing games to taking easy surveys, Swagbucks lets you earn money for doing next to nothing.

How Does Swagbucks Work?

Signing up with Swagbucks is easy using their site or their mobile app. Here are 4 easy steps to start your earnings:

  • Enter your email and choose a password
  • Click “Sign Up”
  • Confirm your email

And you’re all set! Once you’re done, you’ll also be rewarded a signup bonus of 300 Swagbucks (points).

How Much Does It Pay?

Swagbucks pays you in the way of SB points. In their universe, 1000 SB= $10.  On average, Your SB points can be redeemed in the way of PayPal cash or gift cards.

9. Panda Research

Panda Research is a company offering its members an opportunity to make additional money online by simply filling out surveys and reading emails.

Users are paid when taking different surveys which can be either short or long. Cash-out on this site is permitted once the account reaches a balance of $50.

10. Cashback Research

Cashback Research is a survey site that offers you about $60 per survey.  You earn for your opinion and can earn cash via PayPal. They too have a signup bonus of $5 for all their users.

11. Respondent.io

Respondent.io is another site where you can make money by filling in surveys.

The site asks you to sign up with your social media or LinkedIn to gain access to your employment record. You also provide your contact details and other demographic details so that you can be matched with the appropriate surveys.

You can easily find a number of surveys that pay up to $50.

12. Inbox Dollars

Founded in 2000, Inbox Dollars is one of the most famous survey sites out there. It provides monetary rewards as well as other prizes for performing activities like taking surveys, watching videos, etc.

How Does It Work?

Inbox Dollar awards you your first $5 on signing up. Online Shopping, taking surveys, watching videos, playing games and reading emails are a few ways how users make money on this site

How Much Does It Pay?

You can earn up to $20-$30 a day just answering surveys, reading emails and watching videos. They even have a joining bonus of $5 for all new users.

You can cash the total amount out via PayPal or in the way of gift cards as soon as your it reaches 30$.

13. Research.fm

Research.fm awards its users money for answering survey questions on music.

If you qualify for their research, you’ll be sent an invite by the company. Once you decide to go ahead with it, you rate music samples on their server. When done, the reward can be claimed in the way of an Amazon gift card.

Get paid to listen to music, it doesn’t get better than this!

14. Mindswarms

Mindswarms is a survey-like website that pays users to complete studies. Every study completed pays you $50 via PayPal. Users can make $50 in as little as 10-15 minutes; making $100 is a matter of a few hours at max.

You can check out the studies that interest you from their dashboard. These offers depend on your profile and demographics.

Mindswarms, unlike other survey sites, requires for you to answer in the way of a short video instead of clicking on endless buttons if you’re comfortable with being in front of the camera and have a few minutes to spare on a daily basis, Mindswarms can prove very helpful for that side income.

15. Engage Studies

This brand looks for people who are willing to give their opinion on products of daily use. They pay anywhere from $50-$250 depending on the time you put in.

16. Survey Squad

Survey squad is one of the highest paying online survey sites out there. Joining this site is free and it has numerous opportunities for everyone. Users often come across surveys that pay $100 on various topics.

Find what interests you and start earning.

17. FocusGroup.com

FocusGroup.com is an opinion research company that offers money-making opportunities in the way of focus studies across the US.

You join for free, fill out your details and respond to surveys that are sent to you but the brand. You can be asked to take survey questions, asked for a phone interview, asked to travel for a study, etc.

Most activities pay $75 to $150. You can even check out the studies that the brand offers before you join.

18. Probe Market Research

Probe Market Research is a company looking for customers and consumers to share their valuable opinion on different things like TV commercials, beauty products, etc.

The signup process is 100% free and asks only for some generic information from you. If your profile meets the requirements of a study, the company contacts you with the relevant information.

You can easily get paid $100 per survey. $100 is actually one of the lower amounts as some users have earned up to $400 thanks to this company.

19. SIS International

SIS International is another website that offers a plethora of opportunities to make extra money online by taking studies. Most of them pay $100 or more.

The process is similar to most other sites – you have to sign up, give your information and wait for the company to send you the studies that match your demographic.

20. SurveyFeeds.com

This site offers a range of opportunities from paid surveys to focus groups and research studies. It posts advertisements from other companies making it easier for its users to find cash paying surveys. Some opportunities pay as much as $300.

We highly recommend this site due to its wide range of high paying surveys. It has an amazing selection and you can filter the surveys according to online/ offline and your location.

21. Global Test Market

Launched way back in 1999, this online survey site is one of the oldest websites in the industry. The company is well-reputed and is accessible worldwide.

How Does It Work?

  • Global Test Market has a simple and fast registration process where you can register using only your email information and your name.
  • You can choose to directly sign up through your social media handles too. Once you’re in, select surveys that interest and fit your profile, fill them in and get paid.

How Much Does It Pay?

Global Test Market uses points known as Market Points. These can be redeemed for cash and other benefits. In this program, 23 points =$1.00

Surveys usually provide 35-250 points based on the nature and time taken to complete the survey. The cash-out procedure is simple and can be done through PayPal. However, you have to wait till you get 1100 points before you can cash out.

22. Harris Poll Online

Harris Poll is a project by Harris Interactive, a New York-based business focusing on market research. The website is simple and easy to use.

How Does It Work?

  • The signup process is quite straightforward. You fill in your details and confirm your email address.
  • The company then allots you a password to remember and use.
  • Upon verification, the main platform becomes accessible and you can start taking surveys and making money.
  • A survey can take anywhere from 5 to 25 minutes to be completed. A thing to note here is that users have often been sent only 3-6 surveys a month. So to make the most money on this site, patience is key. 

How Much Does It Pay?

Every survey completed grants users points. Once the amount in your account reaches 1250, the company becomes liable to pay.

1250 points =$10 in real money. There is no cash-out option, you can redeem your points in the way of gift cards only.

23. Pinecone Research

A survey company, Pinecone Research has generated a lot of buzz for itself over the years. You earn money on this site by taking surveys and reviewing market products.

How Does It Work? 

  • To begin, you need to fill their online form with your demographic information. Agree to the terms and conditions and register. This site allows only one family member per household to be a member.
  • You will then get an email regarding confirmation which would also include your username and password. It’s important to remember these.

You can then proceed to take as many surveys as you want.

How Much Does It Pay?

Pinecone research pays its users up to 3 dollars per survey. Checkout can be done through PayPal or by a check.

24. EarningStation

EarningStation is a website that pays its users for completing surveys, taking polls and other easy tasks.

It is renowned for the variety of gift card options they provide. Points are allocated to users on the completion of numerous tasks and the points are known as Station Dollars.

These points can later be redeemed in the way of gift cards or virtual visa. Users are able to withdraw cash only once they reach a higher level in the app.

25. MySurvey

Mysurvey.com is a survey site operating since 1995. The site pays its users for each survey filled out and covers a variety of topics.

It has a user-friendly and easy to use website that walks you through the whole process of earning extra income. Normally, you can earn anywhere between $0.5-$1.25 per survey but this can differ from survey to survey.

However, one of the major disadvantages of MySurvey is their requirement to earn at least 1200 points before you can cash them out. Every 1200 points equate an amount of $10.

26. VIP Voice

Vip voice doesn’t generally offer cash for their surveys. If you’re looking for surveys that pay cash only, this might not be the provider for you.

Members here earn points for the surveys taken which can be exchanged for bids on an auction or sweepstakes. Your points are considered entries into the draw. The more you put in, the higher the chances of you winning.

In the daily sweepstakes, it is possible to win up to $100. Points expire in the time period of six months, it’s thus essential to spend them before that.

27. YouGov

YouGov is an internet-based market research firm which sends you surveys and allows you to earn points which can be cashed in for money.

How Does It Work?

  • You are to sign up using the mobile app. This can be done using your email address or simply linking your social media.
  • Verify your email
  • Start with your first survey!

How Much Does It Pay?

In general, then reward for short surveys is from 50 points onwards. However, to cash out from YouGov, you need a minimum of 5000 points.

5000 points equate to US $65 (approx). You also have the choice of entering your points into a monthly prize draw as your entries.

28. OneOpinion

OneOpinion is a quick and easy to use site that lets its users participate in research studies and earn rewards for the same.

The sign up is simple, and taking surveys here is a breeze. However, a major disadvantage of this site is that to be able to redeem your points, the accumulated value needs to be at least 25,000 points.

1000 points on this site equate to $1. You can choose to receive a gift card too depending on your total points.

29. Panel Station

Panel station is another online community where consumers are rewarded for sharing their opinions and views.

The panel station offers a variety of gift cards in exchange of points however only a few regions allow cash out via PayPal. You can choose your preferred gift card once you earn 3000 points on this site.

Normally, for every online survey that you complete, you can earn 500-5000 points.

30. Survey Voices

Survey Voices is a platform that directs its users to sites that reward them for completing surveys. They do not conduct market research but simply direct users to the sites which do.

Their page advertises an earning potential of $300 when all resources are used to the fullest.

31. MyPoints

MyPoints is a great platform on which to get paid to take surveys.

You can even collect 100 points by simply downloading the app for the first time. Earning surveys can lead to earning up to 400 points. You also receive points if you’re disqualified which is definitely a plus for the users.

Once users earn 700 points ($5) they can choose from a variety of gift cards, travel miles or choose to cash out via PayPal.

32. Ipsos I-Say

Formed in 1995, Ipsos I- Say is one of the largest and oldest companies around for market research. Simply register on their website, take a survey and earn points.

You can then redeem these points for prizes and gift cards. Every survey can earn the user anything between 45-90 points. Every point on this site is worth $0.01. You can opt to redeem the points earned for cash via PayPal once you earn 1000 points, they also have a referral system where every reference earns you 100 points.

You don’t always have to redeem the points you’ve earned, you also have the choice to make donations to organizations like Habitat for Humanity, Unicef, etc.

33. Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is another site that pays its users to take surveys for cash.

Once you complete your sign up and your profile, survey offers can be viewed. It’s necessary to answer a set of multiple choice questions before taking a survey.

The approximate payoff of this site is $1.50 per hour. A minimum of 100 points is required for users to redeem $10 cash via PayPal. To redeem your points in the way of a gift card though, only 50 accumulated points are required.

34. Survey Savvy

Survey Savvy allows taking surveys for cash and pays its users in checks.

The best part about this website is that you can choose to checkout with as little as $1 in your account. There is no confusing points system and for every survey, you’re simply paid a dollar. It also has more features like monthly draws, referral programs, and other contest opportunities,

35. Nielsen Digital Voice

Nielsen Digital Voice aims at helping businesses and consumers identify upcoming internet trends by offering users of the internet an opportunity to earn while doing what they do best—browsing the web.

How Does It Work? 

  • Sign up to Nielsen Digital Voice by filling out their online questionnaire.
  • Download and install the Nielsen Digital Voice app.
  • Browse the internet however you want—games, blogs, movies, books— just be you!
  • Earn rewards based on the information you provide by just being online.

How Much Does it pay

As long as you have the app and you are online, you constantly earn money through their monthly sweepstakes amounting to at least $1000. The longer you stay, the more you earn. You can earn additional rewards by filling out surveys.

36. Springboard America

Springboard America partners with multiple corporate houses, government bodies, and not-for-profit organizations to understand the needs and opinions of the public, helping them to produce services, products, and policies that are in the best interests of the consumer.

The public’s feedback helps shape the output and decision making of the country.

How Does It Work? 

  • Springboard America will send you invitations to take part in studies and surveys!

How Much Does It Pay

You will earn points/sweepstakes for completing surveys and studies which can be redeemed for multiple gift cards like Amazon, PayPal, iTunes, etc.

You also enter the $1000 draw once you’ve signed up for Springboard America.

37. Toluna Opinions

Toluna believes in transforming products and services for the consumers by rewarding users for their opinions!

These opinions reach the businesses offering these products and services and help them consider the consumer opinions and incorporate them into their advertising, marketing, design, prototype, etc.

How Does It Work?

  • Once the registration is done, you can start earning rewards by filling out surveys you receive via email.

How Much Does It Pay?

You can earn points by filling out surveys and additional points by creating content, participating in Toluna games and inviting friends to join Toluna. The points you can earn are unlimited and you can redeem these points for cash.

38. PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel is a website based in the US where users earn rewards for performing various online tasks and activities, including taking surveys. With over 8 million members, it is a legitimate survey site which has been in the industry for over 10 years.

The sign-up process is similar to all others and can be completed in under 10 seconds. Your name, email id and a password are all you need. This is followed by a questionnaire about yourself to match you with suitable surveys, your reward per survey differs due to the length and nature of the surveys.

It is not consistent. This site redirects you to other survey providers companies and their surveys. The price associated is thus different for every survey and the rewarding system is quick and hassle-free. You can redeem an amount as low as $2 without any trouble.

39. CashCrate

CashCrate is a popular site established in 2006, which enables users to earn by taking surveys and watching ads.

Users are rewarded $1 for signing up and from there on earnings depend upon on the nature of the surveys that they take. For cash out to take place it is important to have a balance of at least $20 in your account.

40. Qmee

Qmee is an online site that allows people to make cash while taking surveys, shopping, and other simple activities. To earn a financial reward on this site, an exchange of some personal information is required.  On the brighter side, Qmee offers a variety of surveys and you will hardly ever run out of them. The payouts, however, are low as seen in comparison to other similar sites. Users report an hourly average of $1.46.

41. MySoapBox

MySoapBox is a trustworthy and well-known market research company that allows its users to get financial incentives for their time and opinions. Once you join the site and provide your personal information, you can start choosing from a variety of surveys available. Every survey awards you points depending on its length and complexity.

42. Creations Rewards

Creations Rewards is a company that rewards its users with CR points for performing simple online activities like taking surveys, watching videos and shopping online. It’s one of the best and most rewarding apps out there.

With a simple sign up process, users can perform tasks to earn CR points. Once you have accumulated up to 1000 points, you can start redeeming them. The most preferred way of cashing out from this site is in the way of gift cards.

43. Valued Opinions

If you’re wondering which survey sites pay the most, Valued Opinions might seem like a good bet.

However, it’s important to note that this site doesn’t pay in cash. They only pay in the way of gift cards. The site, as the name suggests, values your opinions and pays you for them. A variety of surveys ranging from gaming consoles to cultural changes, there is something for everyone on Value Opinions.

Signing up is easy once you fill in all the relevant information and details. Once done you can begin taking surveys and earning for some amazing gift cards.

You can earn up to $2 every survey you take and the minimum catamount redeemable is $10.

44. Paid Viewpoint

This site pays cash for every completed market survey. They ensure user privacy and safety and also ensure that the surveys don’t get boring and monotonous. The pot of money related to each survey is divided equally between all the respondents who took the survey.

Cash out payments are through PayPal and a minimum balance of $15 is required.

45. Shoptracker

Shoptracker is an app that collects a history of customer’s purchases on Amazon. This is a preferred app among users since it doesn’t require answering too many personal questions.

You also receive a signup bonus and continue to earn points monthly as long as the app is installed on your phone. You can choose to cash out, donate or redeem the points in the way of gift cards.

46. Smart Dollars

Smart Dollars is a site that advertises paying its users $300 per day by taking surveys and performing other tasks on their site. However, it is simply a website that redirects users to other survey taking sites.

Smart dollars doesn’t pay the users themselves, nor do they provide any surveys on their site.


As unreal as it seems, it is possible to supplement your income and earn $100+, simply by signing up and filling in surveys. The more companies you register yourself with the better your chances of earning a higher amount.

Just join them, wait for the right offer, and you can get started on your journey.

American Consumer Opinion Review – Worth It Or SCAM?

From a teenager saving for college to someone who is retiring soon, everyone likes a little extra money in their pocket. 

If you’re someone who spends a lot of your time online, chances are you’ve considered completing surveys and participating in online market research for extra money. However, it can be hard to distinguish between sites that are legit and sites that are scams.

If you’re looking for a legitimate paying survey site – here we have for you a full review of American Consumer Opinion – a popular marketing research panel.

What is American Consumer Opinion (ACOP)?

American Consumer Opinion is a market research company that pays users to share opinions of consumer products and services in the form of online surveys. 

It acts as the mediator between big corporations looking for opinions about their products and consumers looking to make some extra money. 

In essence, ACOP will be approached and paid by big corporations to collect information on a particular product or service. They will then be paid by the corporations and use certain amount of the money to pay the users for taking part in the surveys.

Unlike other survey sites out there, surveys available on this website are not monotonous. There is a huge variety of surveys available.

The website also offers product trials to its users from time to time to sustain their interest in the site.

Is American Consumer Opinion A Scam?

No, ACOP is not a scam

The parent company Decision Analyst has been around since 1978 and launched the online American Consumer Opinion in 1996. 

They also boast a BBB rating of A+ and have more than 7 million members across the globe. They have paid out more than 30 million dollars in the form of rewards since then.

How Do I Join American Consumer Opinion?

  1. You can join this market research platform by signing up with your email for free. However, you need to be above the age of 14 to be associated with ACOP.
  1. You will then be asked to answer some questions like your age, address, annual income, etc. You need not worry about security as ACOP is a very reputable and renowned rewards site.
  1. This information is then used to decide if you qualify for a survey or not.
  1. Once done, you’ll receive notifications on your email id whenever a survey is available for you. This won’t happen instantly after signing up; you’ll have to wait for surveys that match your demographics.
  1. Log in, take the survey and start earning!

How Can I Earn On American Consumer Opinion Panel?

Following are a few ways how users can earn on this survey panel:

  1. Online Surveys
  • Normal survey – These require more than 20 minutes of your time.
  • Screeners – These are short surveys that require less than 20 minutes.
  1. Product Testing

In American Consumer Opinion, it is possible to get the chance to review a physical product. The panel sends you a product to try and you are supposed to give them feedback regarding your user experience.

This, however, is very rare opportunity on the website. 

  1. Ads Review

In this type of survey, you review ads. 

You’ll be shown ad banners and you’re required to give your opinion about the pros and cons of the same. For e.g.: The appeal of the ad, chances of you buying the product etc. 

  1. ACOP Affiliate Program

ACOP has an affiliate program also through which you can invite friends and family to join the ACOP community. This too earns users points.

How Much Can I Earn?

American Consumer Opinion rewards users with points for taking surveys and other small activities like winning contests and referring friends.

  • Surveys

Short surveys (10-20 minutes) pays users anywhere between 5-50 points whereas longer surveys (more than 20 minutes) can earn you anywhere between 100-5000 points. Payments depend on the niche, length, and complexity of the survey.

  • Referrals

You can also earn points by referring your friends and family through their referral system. For every new panelist that you bring to the website, you earn $1.

American Consumer Opinion values every point as $0.01. Once users reach 1000 points i.e. $10, they can request for a cash-out.

How Can I Redeem My Points?

Users have multiple options to choose from when it comes to claiming their earnings:


  • PayPal

You can cash out as soon as your account balance accumulates to $10. Payments are processed in a few days along with an additional fee of 2.9%+ $0.30 for cashing out with PayPal.

  • Gift Cards

You can also choose to redeem your points in the form of a gift card. There are a variety of options to choose from and this method also saves you free the PayPal additional fee.

  • Sweepstakes

The website runs sweepstakes regularly. If you haven’t earned enough points to cash out, you can choose to put some points in the sweepstakes for a chance of winning a bigger prize. For e.g.: 100 points for a $100 Amazon gift card draw.

  • Donations

If you feel charitable, American Consumer Opinion allows you to donate your earnings to charities instead of cashing them out for yourself.

There are plenty of options to claim your points however ACOP misses the mark when it comes to the time of delivery. Users report a waiting time of up to 8-12 weeks before their prizes were delivered which honestly seems really annoying.

Who Is American Consumer Opinion Suitable For?

American consumer opinion allows access to everyone over the age of 14 to take part in their surveys. Unlike what the name suggests, it is not restricted to only Americans. Anyone living in the areas where ACOP is active can sign up with their website and start earning.

However, our research also shows that ACOP is more suitable for people looking for a small, side income.

ACOP cannot help supplement the main income effectively due to the limited number of earning opportunities. If you’re looking for a high paid rewards site, then ACOP is not for you. 

Following are a few reasons why:

  • Limited Surveys

Users have reported getting as less as 1 survey a month. If your demographics do not match with the surveys available, you won’t be able to take any paid surveys. 

Thus, if you’re looking to actively fill surveys and make money, we suggest taking a look at sites like Swagbucks and InboxDollars which give you frequent surveys. 

  • Extremely Slow Payment

ACOP’S major downfall is the slow payment. 

In 2019; waiting for 8-12 weeks for your own money can be quite a frustrating experience. Some users have also reported not being paid for more than 4 months.

  • Limited Options To Earn Money

American Consumer Opinion only lets its users earn money by taking surveys. 

With thousands of similar sites offering a variety of tasks like getting paid to watch videos, playing games, etc, the fact that ACOP only allows the opportunity to earn by taking surveys is rather conservative.

Final Thoughts

With a variety of surveys types and cash out options available, American Consumer Opinion is a good panel that you can consider joining. However, while doing so, it’s important to remember the infrequent nature of the surveys on this website. You can go months without taking a survey and that can be quite maddening.

If you’re looking for a more regular and consistent option we suggest checking out Swagbucks. Not only do you get frequent survey opportunities but also choice between various fun activities to make money.

MyPoints Review – Is MyPoints Legit Or A Scam?

As more and more people opt to earn extra money online, every day the internet witnesses the rise of a new rewards site.

With thousands of similar sites online, how does one distinguish between the legitimate and illegitimate? Well, reviews are definitely a start.

To make your life a little easier and your money-making experience a lot better, we reviewed the MyPoints rewards app. Read on and see what we have to say about this project.

What is MyPoints?

MyPoints is an online reward panel that awards users points for doing different tasks. These points can later be exchanged for cash and other prizes.

Membership to the MyPoints family is available to all US and Canada residents and is free of cost. People outside the US can also sign up with the site, however, the prizes and redemption options available are limited as of now.

Is MyPoints Legit?

Established in 1996, MyPoints is a legitimate website and app that rewards its users for simple tasks. It is owned by Prodege – An internet marketing services company which also owns the popular survey site – Swagbucks.

With a BBB rating of A+, Prodege is a trustworthy company whose venture MyPoints.com is equally legitimate and reputable.

How Can I Get Started With MyPoints?

MyPoints has an app for both iOS and Android users. You can start off by simply installing either of these free apps. This step itself awards you 100 points as a signup bonus!

Right after you sign in for the first time, the app shows you a pop-up to help new users to get started by watching videos, taking surveys or anything that interests them. 

How Can I Earn Points On MyPoints?

There is a plethora of task options to choose from to earn points of MyPoints. Following are some of them:

  • Surveys – You can earn points by sharing your opinion in their market research program.
  • Referrals – Users can also earn points by referring friends and family. Simply referring somebody leads to adding of 25 points to your profile. Post that if your reference turns into a new user of the site, you are rewarded 10% of their qualifying points.

The best part is that the app allows unlimited invitations making referrals one of the fastest ways to earn points.

  • Print coupons – If you print out coupons from the MyPoints website and use them at your local chain stores, you’re awarded points. Every time you print a coupon, you’re awarded 20 points.
  • Watch videos – MyPoints also rewards users for watching videos online. They can make playlists of their choice to earn a specific number of followers. These videos are fun and easy to watch and can be anything from celebrity news to cooking videos.

  • Surf the web – MyPoints awards users for doing what most of them are already doing online like surfing the web. Points are distributed randomly when users browse the internet using the MyPoints Yahoo! Web engine.
  • Read emails – There is an aspect called BonusMail in MyPoints which awards users points simply by clicking on emails. The app sends you links on your email which can be clicked to earn 5 points each.
  • Playing games – One of the most fun tasks available to make money, users can earn by playing games on their app. If you’re a gamer, this is the easiest way to earn points. Some of the available games also offer random draws and possibilities of bigger wins.
  • Shop online – With more than 1900 retailers to choose from, MyPoints gives shoppers cash back in way of points when they shop through their website. These rewards might not be as great as those available on Swagbucks or Ebates, but they aren’t that bad either.
  • Local Deals – Points can also be earned through LivingSocial goods, Groupon and other voucher purchase.

How Can I Redeem My Points?

Once you reach 700 points ($5), they can be redeemed in the following ways:

  • PayPal Account – You can request a direct deposit in your PayPal account.
  • Visa Prepaid Card – A deposit in your visa prepaid card which can later be transferred to your bank account.
  • Gift cards – With over 70 restaurant and retail brands, users can choose to redeem points in the form of a gift card.
  • Travel miles – You can get travel miles in your United Mileage Plus account.
  • Shop In-Store – MyPoints lets you redeem points for purchases on their website too.

How Do The Surveys On This Site Work?

Surveys have proved to be the oldest and most popular ways of making money online. 

Let’s see how the survey system at MyPoints works:

  1. You sign up to become a member.
  1. Answer a few questions and enter your demographics to let the server know about your eligibility for surveys.
  1. Wait to be allotted surveys and then start answering!

There is a possibility of being disqualified mid-survey if your criterion doesn’t match the requirements. This, unfortunately, is a common issue that most users face. However, MyPoints tries to compensate for it by rewarding users with half the points worth if they do not qualify.

Users are also sent emails on their email addresses called the SurveyMail. Taking this survey too adds points to your profile.

Points Earned Per Survey

The number of points that you will receive per survey vary. It can depend on the survey’s length, complexity, and niche. 

According to our research, the maximum amount that can be earned through a survey on MyPoints is $6.

The Good

One thing that makes this site stand out in this industry is the large number of ways users can earn points. There is a variety to choose from which ensures that there is no monotony in the money-making process and users have a fun experience throughout.

Another feature we found really cool was MyPoints’ internet browser bar which is called Score

This bar proves really useful when users make an online purchase. It reminds users to purchase through the app to earn points and also offers deals, coupons and other promo codes. 

The fact that you’re paid to simply use the web browser is also really cool and unique.

The Bad

As much as we love the variety of activities offered on MyPoints, it’s hard to ignore the condition of their functioning.

Most users these days complain of unnecessary disqualification mid surveys and almost no compensation for the same. There have also been numerous complains about automatic deactivation of accounts with a good number of accumulated points.

There have also been frequent complains about the customer service or lack thereof when it comes to helping with the above-mentioned issues.

The Verdict

Finally, as we come to the end of this review, we say that MyPoints is worth an additional download if you’re already trying to make money online with some other sites. 

We wouldn’t recommend solely depending on this site for making extra cash due to its copious shortcomings.

As of now, modern sites like Swagbucks and InboxDollars continue to rule the survey market by giving better rewards for the same activities.

MyPoints is surely not a scam but seems a little ineffective when compared to the other money-making sites online. To become a part of the top survey sites in this generation, MyPoints surely needs to step up its game.

InboxDollars Review – Is InboxDollars LEGIT or A SCAM?

The idea of making money sitting on the sofa, from the comfort of your home, is a dream for many. What’s surprising is that it is actually quite possible and feasible.

You can make extra dollars simply by completing fun tasks and activities online. Various websites and apps offer their users this opportunity and one of the most popular and renowned brands in this industry is InboxDollars.

If you’ve ever wondered how legit InboxDollars is, read right on.

What is InboxDollars?

InboxDollars is a rewards club that pays its users for market research purposes.

It acts as a mediator between companies who want consumer insight and users who want some rewards in exchange for their opinion.  It connects the two in a simple and entertaining way.

Is InboxDollars a Scam?

Founded in 2000 by Daren Cotter, InboxDollars is a constitute of CotterWeb Enterprises.

It has paid out over 10 million members and has an ever-growing community across the US. A solid reputation and a Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating of A+, you can be assured that InboxDollars is not a scam.

How does InboxDollars Work?

To get started with InboxDollars you need to simply sign up with them, claim your free bonus, create a profile, verify your e-mail and watch an intro video. YES, IT’S THAT EASY.

Once you’re done, you can explore other activities and get to your preferred methods of making extra money.

InboxDollars also has a site tour to make you familiar with the website as well as the numerous money-making options available to you.

How Can You Make Money with InboxDollars?

There are plenty of ways to make money on InboxDollars. It is in fact, one of the most diverse sites in the market when it comes to tasks and activities available. Following are some of them:

●      Completing Surveys 

InboxDollars is one of the best survey websites in the industry. You give your opinion in the form of answers of the survey and get paid for it.

Every survey lists the dollar you’ll earn on completing it as well as an estimate of the time it will take to complete it, so you can make informed decisions.

●      Reading Emails 

InboxDollars also pays its members to read emails.

If you subscribe to this part of their website, you’ll start receiving emails along with prompts to remind you to open them. These are mostly simple ads for different products or other offers. Users are granted credit for “confirming” the email.

●      Web Browsing

Money can be earned by simply surfing the web as usual if you do it through the InboxDollars search engine.

Four searches through this search engine grant users a penny and 3 chances of sweepstakes entries. If you’re someone who is on the internet making frequent searches, the cents could add up sooner than you expect. And if not, you might just be the next sweepstake winner!

●      Watching Videos

This is perhaps the easiest way to make money on InboxDollars.

A short video or a fun TV show can make members a few extra bucks on this website. You get paid a little for every video watched. These are often random and mindless but also surely entertaining and easy to watch. 

●      Playing Games

Playing games online for money is one of the newer additions to the reward sites online.

InboxDollars too provides users with an opportunity to earn some extra bucks simply by having fun and entertaining game sessions.

●      Sweepstakes

Users can also earn cash through sweepstakes which is a prize-winning lottery or contest, entries to which can be earned or bought in different ways throughout the site.

How Do I Get Paid with InboxDollars?

Different tasks pay different amounts on InboxDollars and these amounts are clearly stated for user understanding.

InboxDollars also rewards its users with $5 for simply signing up!

Once a member of the community, people can start earning by performing their preferred tasks on the site. They can request a cash out once they’ve reached the minimum requirement for the same which is $30.

However, this amount comes with a processing fee of $3. If you want to waive off this processing fee, you can wait till you have at least $40 in your account before cashing out.

You can then choose to get either a traditional cheque from InboxDollars or go for an e-payment like prepaid visa, donations, and other merchant e-cards. Payment can be expected within 10-16 days of the date of your payout request.

After cashing out with InboxDollars for the first time, you automatically turn into a gold member. This has many perks including faster delivery and other additional benefits.

Is InboxDollars Better Than The Other Sites Out There?

With a plethora of websites doing the same thing as InboxDollars, how do you decide it is better?

Well, we did our research and came up with five points on how InboxDollars sets itself apart from the millions of other fish in this sea.

●      Sign Up Bonus 

InboxDollars rewards you with an instant bonus of $5 on signing up. Free cash in fewer than 10 seconds!

●      Transparency

InboxDollars sets itself apart by providing its users with utter transparency.

You are paid in cash, not in points. This way, what you see becomes what you get. The whole balance is yours to cash out for exactly the value you signed up for.

●      Variety

InboxDollars has surplus money earning options available at their users’ disposal.

Taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, reading emails, etc are some of these options. This ensures the users’ interest in the website and doesn’t make the money making process monotonous.

Users can keep switching between different tasks and earn money while staying entertained. 

●      Reliability and Legitimacy

The mega-popular brand pays its users legitimately in the traditional cheque method or the e-payment method.

The A+ rating from BBB and the reviews of millions of users in the US make InboxDollars more reliable than most sites out there.

Getting money for simple activities might seem shady, but InboxDollars has nothing to hide in this aspect. 

●      User-Friendly Website

The InboxDollars website is one of the most user-friendly rewards site that we have come across.

Everything is clearly stated, the site is easy to navigate and offers are well organized by different categories. It also has an app which is available for both Android and iOS, making things easier for their users.

What Could Be Better?

  • As of now, InboxDollars does not offer PayPal or direct deposits in your bank. If that’s a deterrent for you, InboxDollars might not be it for you.
  • Another con to the website is their $3 processing fee. If you wish to cash out with the minimum amount of $30, you’re required to pay a fee of $3 which can be quite annoying considering it is your own money you have to pay off. This fee, however, can be waived off if you cash-out post $40.

The Verdict

On looking at both the pros and cons of this diverse rewards site, we think InboxDollars is definitely worth a try.

The pros outweigh the cons noticeably and make InboxDollars a reliable and tested site that rewards its members with real cash in a timely and effective manner. Earning cash here is easy and convenient with a variety of activities that can be performed anytime and anywhere.

And to answer our own question, YES, InboxDollars really is legit.

So if you are someone who wants to put all that wasted time on the internet to good use, InboxDollars is a smart way to start making some extra bucks.

Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel – READ THIS FIRST!

Passive income programs and apps are an easy and effortless way to make extra money by doing the bare minimum.

 One established program that stands out in this industry is the Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel. Here we have for you a comprehensive guide telling you all this program offers, if it’s a scam and whether it is worth it or not. Read on.

What is Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel?

The Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel is a rewards program that pays its user to provide data regarding their internet usage. 

This includes information about the speed of your connection, your browser choice and time spent online. The data provided by users is then sold to companies to help them improve their products and services.

Is Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel A Scam?

The Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel is owned by Nielsen Research, one of the biggest consumer research and media companies, established in 1923. 

The concept might seem too good to be true but it is DEFINITELY NOT A SCAM. With a BBB rating of A +, Nielsen runs a legitimate and trustworthy rewards program.

How Much Will I Earn?

The pay you receive with this program depends on a few factors:

  • Device type– The calculation of rewards differs from device to device. The rewards earned while using their desktop software are comparatively lesser compared to their mobile app.
  • No. of devices – An unpopular feature in rewards based apps, Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel lets you register on more than one device at a time. You can use multiple devices to increase your earnings.
  • Location – The location from where you’re using the software also affects the number of points that would be rewarded to you. Not all locations give the same rewards.

An estimate of $50 can be earned in a year from this app. It’s definitely not a big amount but considering it involves almost 0 effort, it surely acts like passive money.

If you choose to redeem points with a prize on their program, Nielsen sends the package via USA mail within a few days of requesting the cash-out. 

If you choose to cash out in the form of a gift card, you have the choice to choose from a plethora of big brands like Starbucks, Target, and Amazon.

Having the software on your devices also enters you into monthly prize draws which have some huge prizes like a monthly draw for $10,000.

How Does This Program Work?

Earning rewards with the Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel is an effortless procedure. You need to simply set up your account on different devices. And cash out as and when required.

The objective of this panel is to gather data about people’s internet usage. This research is then used for improving products and other services available online. 

There is only one short survey for registration and post that you simply need to install the software or the app and that will send Nielsen the required information. 

It stands out in the market research industry because to earn from this program, you don’t need to answer surveys. You’re awarded points for simply granting access to your information which can later be exchanged for cool prizes available on their program or a gift card of your choice. 

This way you don’t just earn free rewards but also contribute in  building quality products and services for the future.

How is My Privacy Protected?

At this point, it is natural to worry about the safety and security that comes with this app. Collection of their information can be a deal breaker for most users, however, it is essential to know that the data submitted on Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel is strictly for market research.

The information gathered from your device is combined with that of thousands of other devices and then submitted to brands.  It is kept anonymous at all time and there exists no way for it to be tracked back to you. 

Nielsen doesn’t collect private information like IDs and passwords. It collects data only on  your general behavior online like the websites that you’re visiting, the time spent on the internet, etc. 

How Do I Get Started?

Getting started with Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel is quite simple. However to avoid any hassle, here’s a small guide on how it works:

  1. Register

You can start your rewards journey by registering with Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel. 

Simply click on the “Get Started” tab and answer a few questions for the program. This step hardly takes longer than a few minutes. 

Once you register and verify your email, you are redirected to a survey to gather information about the devices you want to use the program on. 

  1. Install The App

Once registered, you can download the software on your selected device. This step differs from device to device. 

  • For a mobile device, simply download the app and log-in.
  • For a desktop or laptop, download the Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel software and install it. 

You are permitted to download the app/ software on multiple devices; this trick in fact is highly suggested to earn more rewards in a short period of time.

You are guided by the program throughout the process which makes the starting out process a breeze.

  1. Check Status

Once installed, it’s important to check whether the device is connected. This can be ensured if the status says “Active” on opening the app.

  1. Earn Points

Sit back and relax. Points will now slowly be added to your account as the program collects information.

  1. Cash Out

A minimum of 805 points makes you eligible for a cash-out. This roughly equates $5. 

There are plenty of ways to redeem the amount you’ve earned: you can cash out for a prize on their rewards page, choose a gift card or use your points to enter sweepstakes (available only for desktop users).

What if I Want to Leave The Panel?

The panel can be left on your discretion. You simply need to cancel your membership and then proceed to uninstall the app/software.

This way you opt out of the panel without paying any penalty cost.

User Support

If you should ever require help, Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel provides excellent customer support. 

A contact form found on their website allows users to send in questions and get answers for them between 1-3 business days.

Final Thoughts

In our opinion, Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel is an easy way of increasing your passive income. It might not result in big earning opportunities but it allows you to shape the future of products and services by providing your opinion.

Run by a reputable and established brand like Nielsen, users can expect 100% security and support regarding their personal information. The anonymity factor further helps in keeping information secure and untraceable.

Shopkick Reviews: Can Windows Shopping Help You Earn Money?

What is Shopkick?

This Shopkick review will serve as a comprehensive guide to make your next shopping experience more beneficial. To reap these benefits, it is essential for us to understand what Shopkick exactly is.

Shopkick aims at making everyday shopping more rewarding and personal than it already is. It allows you to earn points (which are redeemable for benefits) while you follow your normal shopping routine. 

The unique thing about this app is that it works not only for online shopping but in-store as well!


How Does Shopkick Work?

Shopkick helps you earn points by walking in stores, scanning items and/or purchasing them and these points are then redeemed for a gift card of your choice. 

Shopkick offers a great selection of rewards to choose from and its user friendly interface makes earning easy and fun.

How do I Sign Up for Shopkick?

The Shopkick sign-up process is easy and just takes a few minutes. 

You will have to enter some basic information about yourself i.e. your name, gender, email etc. 

It is not mandatory for you to link any of your personal information like a debit or a credit card.

While linking your bank cards could earn you more kicks, it is not a necessity. The app will work just as well if you skip that step.

A part of the sign up process is to refer Shopkick to your friends. 

This is an optional step, however it does offer an incentive. You earn 250 kicks if your friends or family use your referral link.

After this, your sign-up process is complete and you can browse on the main Shopkick page and start earning!

How to Get Started with Shopkick? 

Here is a brief guide on how to start earning with Shopkick.


  • Download the app: Shopkick is available both on the Google PlayStore and the AppStore. 


  • Choose your reward: Here you choose the gift card you want to earn points for. You can change your gift card preference anytime. On the app, the gift cards available range from 500-75000 kicks and the higher amount of kicks you have, the more you can benefit. 


  • Create an account: Sign up for Shopkick using your facebook account, your google account or your email. An automated email from Shopkick will confirm your identification. 


  • Invite friends: This step isn’t mandatory, you can totally skip it, but if a friend uses your referral code you get awarded with 250 kicks.


  • Complete the offers: The app will show you all the options where you can scan or purchase an item to earn kicks. You can either shop online and earn points for purchasing, or walk into the store and earn points for walking in, scanning and purchasing.


  • Stores: you can also view items categorised into specific stores and shop by stores rather than individual items. 


  • Ways to earn kicks: I will be elaborating on this later, but there are four ways to earn money using Shopkick; walk ins, scanning, purchasing and shopping portals. Earn however you want according to your convenience.


  • Redemption of kicks: On this screen you will find your previously chosen reward (gift card) as well as an option to change it. Redeem your points with your choice of gift card and shop away!

How do I Earn with Shopkick?

There are four ways you can earn points in Shopkick. These are; walk-ins, in store scans, purchases and shopping portals.          

The shopping portals are kind of inferior compared to the other three which are more popular and easier to get points from, therefore, in this review we’re gonna be focusing on those. 


  • Walk-ins: This is the easiest way to earn ‘kicks’. 

Shopkick offers you points every time you walk into a store. 

You have to have your shopkick app on and your bluetooth on (so that it connects to the store’s server) and shopkick automatically collects points and adds them to your account. 

The points usually range between 150-250 points for simply entering the store (sometimes you don’t have to enter it and your points are added even if you drive past a store), but it offers increased points i.e. up-to 350 on weekend walk ins. 

However, keep in mind that you can’t infinitely earn points by entering stores, there is a certain limit. The stores put you on what’s called a “cool down” period, meaning that you will resume earning points after a few days.


  • In store scanning: You don’t stop earning points once you enter the store. You can further earn points by scanning items that shopkick is trying to promote on their app. 

Most items that earn you points for scanning reward you with 10 kicks, but there is a good mix of items that offer 25 or 50 kicks per scan. 

You can double up on these points and earn upto 200 more kicks if you purchase the scanned item.


  • Purchases: You can also earn points by purchasing items. The app offers you a great amount of kicks for specific buys like 600 points for instant pasta. 

Another way you can earn kicks is when your store offers a kick per dollar rate. 

In this case, either you will have to a) connect your credit card to the app and it will register that way, b) the store will ask you for a receipt or c) the store will have a barcode scanning procedure.

What are the Rewards?

A single point or ‘kick’ amounts to $0.004. 

You can redeem your kicks in the form of a gift card. 

If you have, for example, 500 kicks, you can get a gift card made for $2. Mostly, stores offer redemption of kicks on 500, 1250, 6250 or 12500 points i.e. $2, $5, $25 or $50. 

The store has a barcode scanner in store or a gift card code that you can use online to reap the benefits of your points. 

Is Shopkick Legit?

Shopkick has been around since 2009 and has driven over $2.5 billion in total sales. 

It has given out over $80 million as cash backs to its users.

 It is a completely free app that actually works and has partnered with most of your favourite retailers, helping you earn money even if you just walk into the store. 

The app has a 4.3 star rating on the PlayStore, coming from hundreds of thousands of people. 

The biggest factor for me, that makes me believe that this is legit, is the fact that the company frequently puts out articles with tips and tricks for users to earn more and more money. 

They seem genuine in their attempts and like they actually want people to benefit from this app. 

Pros and Cons of Using Shopkick

Here is a list of pros and cons about Shopkick that will help you make an informed decision. 


  • It’s a 100% free to use. You do not have to spend a single cent to benefit from Shopkick.
  • It is legitimate. You can earn rewards in the form of cash/gift cards.
  • It’s a good tool to make your shopping more fun.
  • You learn about various store sales.
  • The app interface is user-friendly and easy to comprehend.
  • Earning reward points or “kicks” is easy.
  • There is a vast selection of available rewards.


  • It might take a while to collect points or “kicks”.
  • You need a lot of points to even get a small gift card. 
  • Not all stores are partners with this app (even though the app offers a great selection of stores)
  • You do not earn actual money. You can only earn money in the form of gift cards. 
  • This is not really a deal breaker but it might affect you if you’re someone who’s really concerned about their privacy. This app requires a lot of permissions while signing up in order for the app to work; for example, access to your contact information, identity, SMS details, camera, microphone etc. 

Tips For Earning Faster with Shopkick

Turn on your Shopkick alerts and/or try checking the app daily. 

There are limited time offers and bonus kicks offers that you may miss out on otherwise. It doesn’t take long and might land you with some free kicks.

Make use of the referral earning system as much as possible.

 It’s an easy way to earn kicks without really doing much. You can earn upto 2500 points by sharing your referral code with friends and relatives and in addition to the 250 points that you earn when they use your code, you also get a part of their earning for 14 days! 

Share your referral code on any social media site that you use like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr etc., this will encourage people to use your code and making it easier for you to earn additional kicks.

An effortless way to earn more kicks is to scan as many items as possible. It takes barely a minute and is an easy way to earn a few extra hundred points. 

Search for the scan any item option when you enter a store. Many stores offer 25 kicks for scanning of any and every item. This will make earning kicks much easier as you don’t have to look for specific items.

Make sure that your Shopkick app is turned on whenever you’re outside. Sometimes you don’t even have to walk in the store, Shopkick automatically detects shops around you and adds points to your account.

You can also earn additional kicks by watching ad videos. There are often videos available when you click on the discover icon, these short videos are an easy way to earn kicks.

Consider linking your credit card to Shopkick for additional points. You might be a bit wary of connecting your card to this app, but since Shopkick is 100% safe and legitimate, you can try and earn more kicks.

Check out the Shopkick blog. It is run by Shopkick itself and frequently shares tips and tricks on how to use Shopkick in a more efficient manner which is best interest of the consumer.


Shopkick is a great shopping companion that helps you earn gift cards for free. Their service is 100% legit with a lot of happy customers that benefit from it everyday. 

If you’re looking for a way to earn money while doing the bare minimum (literally, the most you would have to do is walk into a store), Shopkick is a great app for you.

Now Get Paid to Walk – 29 Apps That Pay You to Walk

Whether you’re an ambling human or a passionate power walker–if you’ve got the steps, they can be converted into cash, freebies or a whole career. Here’s how!  

Following is a list of apps that can help your waist get slimmer and your wallet get fatter. If you’re looking for some extra cash, rewards or simply some motivation to get out of your room, walk this way…

1. Sweatcoin 

How does Sweatcoin work? 

The app Sweatcoin grants you “Sweatcoins”, a crypto currency which is based on the number of outdoor steps you take in a day. 

The app uses your phone’s step tracking software and GPS to ensure these steps aren’t taken indoors. These Sweatcoins can then be exchanged for real life awards available in the app like fitness classes, a fit-bit tracker etc. 

Sweatcoin is an easy to use app with some great daily offers. From an Apple Watch to the GoPro camera, Sweatcoin has grand rewards for dedicated users. 

The Sweatcoins can be converted into money only once per user by converting 20,000 Sweatcoins to $1,000 in PayPal cash which takes 18 months to accomplish. The app grants you 0.95 Sweatcoins for 1000 outdoor steps you take.

Is SweatCoin Legit or Scam?

A popularly asked question – Is Sweatcoin legit? Well, ssers have claimed rewards in the form of  gift cards and personal training sessions all for free. Sweatcoin is thus a legit app which rewards you for walking. 

Another point that further proves Sweatcoin’s legitimacy is their 10/10 customer service. With instant replies and dedicated replies, the customer service team doesn’t disappoint and caters to all questions, enquiries and complaints.

Available platforms

App Store and Google Play

 2. Rover

How does Rover work?

Rover is a company that helps you earn extra money through a dog walking job. If you love dogs and some extra cash, Rover is for you. 

Rover connects dog walkers with dog owners and makes it possible for you to earn up to $20 for a short walk with an interesting furry friend in tow. 

Is Rover Legit or Scam?

One of the world’s largest networks of pet sitters and dog walkers, Rover is a reliable app that can be used to bag some money by dog walking or pet sitting. Make sure you get good reviews for your service and start earning!

Available Platforms

App Store and Google Play

3. Achievement

How does Achievement work?

Achievement is an app that pays you for all things healthy. It believes in making getting healthy fun. 

The app can be linked to over 30 health apps like Apple Health, Samsung app etc. Once the apps are linked, Achievement grants points on activities like taking steps, checking your heart rate, tweeting from the app, logging your food intake, daily logs etc. If you prefer swimming, running, biking or playing a sport to simply walking, the app also pays to do that.

For every 10,000 points, you will be paid $10. This amount can then be taken through PayPal or a direct deposit or can be donated to a charity listed on the app itself. A way to earn extra cash on the app is by taking health and exercise related surveys available. 

Is Achievement Legit or Scam?

With over 2 million app downloads, Achievement is a one of the best apps for making money and is completely legit and secure.

Available Platforms

App Store and Google Play

4. DoorDash

How does DoorDash work?

DoorDash is an app that allows you to makes deliveries to people’s homes or offices. You can sign up as a ‘Dasher’ by downloading the app, choosing the time slots you’re available to make the deliveries in and then get duties to make deliveries on behalf of local eateries. 

A dasher initially receives a flat rate per order, depending on location and tips. The amount you earn depends on the number of hours you dedicate to this app. The more you work, the more you earn. $15 to $25 per hour is a reasonable amount to expect.

Is DoorDash Legit or Scam?

DoorDash is a reliable and a good app that pays you for walking. As of now, over 75,000 people are employed as Dashers.

Available platforms

App Store and Google Play

5. Shopkick

How does Shopkick work

Shopkick is a free app that pays its users for visiting stores and scanning products using their Smartphone cameras. 

When you enter stores or scan products, you are awarded some ‘kicks’. Kicks are what the reward points of this app that pays you to walk are called. These ‘kicks; can be redeemed only for gift cards or other physical items. An estimate of 1250 kicks is needed to shop for a $10 gift card.

Is Shopkick Legit or scam?

Featured on sites like The Wall Street Journal , The Huffington Post and Forbes, they’re truly legit.

Available platforms

App Store and Google Play

6. Postmates

How does Postmates work?

Postmates is a delivery service which allows users to make money by picking up and delivering items throughout the city. 

Once you sign up to become a Postmate and a customer places an order via the app, you get all the information including pick and drop address. The Postmate pays the bill for the order with a prepaid debit card provided by the company and delivers it. 

The company says that on an average, a Postmate can earn $14 to $20 dollars an hour.

Is Postmates Legit or scam?

Postmate is an app that pays you to walk, bike or drive to deliver and provide courier services and is 100% legitimate.

Available platforms

App Store and Google Play

7. Field Agent

How does Field Agent work?

The Field Agent calls its users ‘agents’. The agents  make money by using their smart phones to take photos, videos and other bits of information from stores around their area. 

Once you complete your agent profile, you can start locating jobs in your area. This job can be from something as simple as filling up surveys to walking up to a store nearby and taking picture of the price tag of a product. 

Field Agents uses a rating factor. You are assigned a score for every job. The score depends on your performance and the higher the score the higher pay outs. Most jobs pay $5 on average. You can cash out from the app via a direct deposit.

Is Field Agent Legit or scam?

Founded in 2010, Field Agent is a reliable and legitimate app that helps users make extra money.

Available platforms

App Store and Google Play

8. Gigwalk

How does Gigwalk work?

Gigwalk allows users to complete ‘gigs’ posted by businesses. In this way, users earn money through providing specific services. This service can range from describing a meal at a local restaurant to taking a photo of a product at Walmart. 

It’s easy to download and sign up with the app, post which you can start searching for gigs. A Google map of your nearby area along with red pins is shown to signify a gig that needs completion. Every task when offered also reveals how much money you can earn. 

The reward for performing a gig can range from $2 to $20 on an average.

Is Gigwalk Legit or A Scam?

Founded in 2010,Gigwalk is used by thousands of people and is one of the trusted brands out there.

Available platforms

App Store and Google Play

9. HealthyWage

How does HealthyWage work?

HealthyWage is an app that makes losing weight more fun and exciting. You can earn cash prizes for achieving the desired weight loss. 

You basically make a bet to lose a certain amount of weight within a stipulated time frame. Once you achieve the goal, you win the bet and take home cash prizes. The money you win depends on your current weight, the amount you bet and so on. If you do win the bet, your winnings are sent via PayPal.

Is HealthyWage Legit or A Scam?

Featured on CNN, Good Morning America and The Washington Post, HealthyWage is a good app if you’re looking for that final push to start your weight loss journey.

Available platforms

App Store and Google Play


How does MapMyFitness Work?

MapMyFitness and its constituent apps MapMyWalk and MapMyRun reward their users for their fitness efforts. 

They offer a variety of challenges and contests that can be completed for fun prizes. The rewards aren’t directly translated into cash but exercise related Under Armour products are up for grabs! The app connects to your phone sensors or your FitBit and has GPS feature to track your workout.

Is MapMyFitness Legit or A Scam?

MapMyFitness is one of the best mobile fitness apps out there and is legitimate and trustworthy.

Available Platforms

App Store and Google Play

11. Wag Walking

How does Wag Walking Work?

Wag Walking connects walkers and dog owners. Dogs need frequent walks or other exercise on a daily basis for good health. However, not every owner has the time and energy to dedicate as much time to their furry friends. That’s where Wag steps in. 

Wag allows for you to get paid for walking these dogs and basically have a gala time! You can earn about $18 to $21 for a full hour walk. These rates differ from area to area. You can also earn bonuses for advertising and tips.

Is Wag Walking Legit or A Scam?

Wag Walking is not only a legitimate way of making money but also one of the most loved. If you’re a dog lover, this is the best app for you to make money quickly.

Available Platforms

App Store and Google Play

12. Bitwalking

How does Bitwalking Work?

Bitwalking is another one of the numerous apps that pay you to walk. 

Once you sign up for an account here, you generate revenue every time you walk. It needs to constantly run in the background for generating this revenue. The currency you generate in this app is called Walking Dollars. These can be spent at their Bitwalking store on items like the FitBit Blaze or can be traded with other users. 

A maximum of $3 walking dollars can be earned per day. This translates to 30,000 steps. Thus, you essentially earn $1 every 5 miles.

Is Bitwalking Legit or A Scam?

Bitwalking is one of the popular apps in the mobile fitness industry and is trustworthy and legitimate.

Available Platforms

Google Play

13. Charity Miles

How does Charity Miles work?

Charity Miles in an app through which you can donate money to charities in need by simply walking! 

A great way to support a worthy cause, Charity Miles is a one of a kind way to donate without breaking your budget. You can begin by choosing 1 of 42 charities and start walking for them! 

Some popular charities included are – Habitat for Humanity, Feeding America, and World Wildlife Fund etc. The app measures your distance and donates money based on the distance covered.

Is Charity Miles Legit or A Scam?

Charity Miles is completely legit and is one of the most thoughtful ways to help a good cause.

Available Platforms

App Store and Google Play

14. Fit4Mom

How does Fit4Mom work?

Fit4Mom is a home-based franchise opportunity that enables you to make money while instructing, walking and working out with other moms. 

With programs designed for pregnant women, new mothers and moms who want to get back in shape; there is something for everyone. With a low starting investment, you are allotted a territory where you conduct the Fit4mom programs. It is a perfect way to get in shape while making money! 

Is Fit4Mom Legit or A Scam?

Fit4Mom is perfectly legitimate for all women! 

Available Platforms

App Store and Google Play


How does UberEATS Work?

Another app where users are getting paid to walk is UberEATS. 

Becoming an UberEATS delivery partner enables you to make money every time you drop off an order to a customer. The delivery free for the order is based on factors like pickup fee, drop-off fee; surge pricing etc. Delivery partners can also receive tips and cash out their earnings up to five times a day.

Is UberEATS Legit or A Scam?

UberEATS is a global brand known worldwide. Partnering with them is a legitimate and safe option.

Available Platforms

App Store and Google Play

16. Bounts

How Does Bounts Work?

Bounts is an app that offers cash rewards for various exercises and training. It rewards you on – steps, tracker exercise and checking in at the gym. 

You are rewarded points known as ‘bounts’ for the activities performed. These can be used for various gift cards from brands like Amazon, Costa Coffee etc.

Is Bounts Legit or A Scam?

Launched in 2011, Bounts has nearly 100,000 unique visitors every day. It is legitimate and you should give it a try yourself!

Available Platforms

App Store 

17. StepBet

How does StepBet Work?

StepBet is another app where you set some fitness goals and bet on your own self! 

StepBet on signing up connects to your fitness tracker and calculates your steps. If you accomplish your daily step targets, you earn some money and the failure to do so results in a thinner wallet ! 

The thought of losing money works as the perfect way to motivate yourself and get you walking!

Is StepBet Legit or A Scam?

StepBet is a legitimate app which will surely impress you as long as you’re confident on betting on yourself.

Available Platforms

App Store and Google Play

18. United Healthcare Motion (UHC Motion)

How does United Healthcare Motion Work?

It is a wellness program offered to employers which uses money as an incentive to promote the benefits and importance of walking. 

It offers three daily walking goals and offers financial rewards for completing each one respectively in a unique F.I.T. (frequency, intensity and tenacity) approach. You have the freedom to complete either all or a part of your daily goal to earn money. 

The earnings from this program are deposited quarterly in an HSA or HRA.

Is UHC Motion Legit or A Scam?

Users have earned over $40 million in rewards and walked 235 billion steps which makes UHC reliable and legit.  

Available platforms

App Store and Google Play

19. Higi

How does Higi Work?

Higi is another app that rewards you for walking. The company has health tracking stations at various pharmacies across countries. These stations measure numerous health parameters like weight, body fat, blood pressure, pulse and more. 

Higi rewards its users for completing these station check ins and exercise, like walking and more. It connects to your fitness tracker and conducts challenges that you can complete on a weekly or monthly basis and get points. These points can be redeemed for rewards. 

Higi rewards are mostly in the way of discounts on their site, so if you already have a need for one of their rewards, walking is a good way to save money on your purchase.

Is Higi Legit or A Scam?

Used by over 50 million people, Higi is a smart way to save some money while taking care of yourself.

Available Platforms

App Store and Google Play

20. Nomad Technologies

How does Nomad Technologies Work?

Nomad Technologies is a marketing platform that pays people to advertise for brands by walking around with tablets displaying messages around populated areas. 

The purpose is to make advertising mobile instead of stagnant.  Nomads are paid up to $20 an hour. Walks during busy times and in busy areas further incentivize the income. 

Legit or Scam?

Nomad Technologies is a safe, legit and reliable brand which helps people in need of some extra money earn while simply walking.

Available Platforms

Mobile browser and Desktop

21. PK Coin

How does PK Coin Work?

PK Coin is an iOS app that grants you virtual coins every time it tracks physical activity. Be it walking, hiking or running, the app encourages moderate to rigorous physical activity. 

Fitness trackers like the Apple watch can be connected to get more accurate estimates. These virtual coins can be used to get rewards in the form of gift cards, fitness related experiences etc. You can also donate these coins to charity.

Is PK Coin Legit or A Scam?

PK coin is one of the more popular apps that make you money and is a must try for all fitness enthusiasts!

Available Platforms

App Store

22. Lympo

How does Lympo Work?

The Lympo app challenges users to be more active and earn currency called LYM crypto currency which can be exchanged for sports merchandise and gift cards. 

It encourages daily walks and inculcates good habits. Due to the app’s great interface, you can see your whole route on a map and get details of speed, distance and time almost instantly. 

Is Lympo Legit or A Scam?

Lympo is a legit and trustworthy app to motivate you to stay on the move and earn rewards.

Available Platforms

App Store and Google Play

23. People Walker

How does People Walker Work?

People Walker is an app where people hire other people to walk with them and provide motivation through companionship and conversation. 

You can apply to be one of the people walkers and get paid to walk with those looking for a partner. A small signing up fee goes towards a background check to ensure safety but is a good decision if you’re looking to get paid to walk. 

An average fee per mile is about $7 for a people walker.

Is People Walker Legit or A Scam?

People Walker is a legit app which not only pays its walkers but also helps them interact and form networks.

Available Platforms

App Store and Google Play

24. Become a Human Billboard

How does it Work?

You can earn money while walking by becoming a human billboard. 

Confused? Have you ever seen someone walking around an area with a giant sign about a store nearby? That’s basically a human billboard getting paid to walk around and carry a sign. The payment for such a task differs from company to company

Legit or Scam?

The legitimacy of this job depends on which brand you are working for.

Available Platforms

Area job boards, Local stores and restaurants

25. BetterPoints (U.K. and Europe) 

How does Better Points work?

BetterPoints is an app where you collect points for exercising, specifically walking, running or cycling. You can earn both BetterPoints as well as BetterTickets. 

The points can be redeemed for vouchers at various reputable stores while the tickets can enter you into a draw to win a bumper amount of points. As soon as you reach the minimum cash out of 2000 points, they can be redeemed for a gift card of value £2..

Is BetterPoints Legit or A Scam?

With over 39,00,000 walking activities logged, BetterPoints is a legitimate app that helps make better choices and improves health and wellbeing while providing incentives for the same.

Available Platforms

App Store and Google Play

26. WinWalk

How does WinWalk Work?

WinWalk is one of the newer apps that pay you to walk. You earn on winwalk coin for every 100 steps you take. Up to 100 coins can be claimed in a day. These coins can then be used to redeem gift cards from big brands like Nike, Netflix etc. 

WinWalk also has a lottery feature where you can enter draws to win vouchers. Apart from that, users can also complete ‘missions’ which can earn them up to 1000 coins. These can vary from taking surveys to downloading apps.

Is Winwalk Legit or A Scam?

WinWalk with its one of a kind design and user experience is a legitimate and safe app for getting rewards while walking.

Available Platforms

App Store and Google Play

27. Carrot (Canada)

How does Carrot work?

Carrot is an app that specializes in helping Canadians make educated lifestyle and health choices. The motto is to learn and earn. 

Carrot offers short quizzes on important health and wellness topics that educate the user on improving their lifestyle. You can earn points for making and learning about healthy changes by completing surveys, quizzes and challenges (like personalized step goals). 

It connects to your cellular device or your FitBit, making it convenient to track steps. You can even invite your friends and work on a Step Together Challenge!

Is Carrot Legit or A Scam?

Highly trusted app with over a million users spread across Canada and a popular platform in the country.

Available Platforms

App Store and Google Play

28. Walgreens Balance Reward

How does Walgreens Balance Reward Work?

This program enables users to reap benefits at Walgreens for making healthy life choices. The benefits do not limit to users who exercise (like walking, cycling, and running) but also if they track their weight, sleep, blood pressure, blood glucose, etc. 

It’s an initiative to promote a healthy lifestyle amongst Walgreens shoppers by motivating them through a point based system that can be used to avail discounts at Walgreens. 

You can earn points by tracking your lifestyle through any health and fitness device or app like MyFitnessPal, Walgreens Connect App, FitBit, etc.

Is Walgreens Balance Reward Legit or A Scam?

The Walgreens balance reward program has 100+ million active users that can vouch for its legitimacy.

Available Platforms

App Store and Google Play

29. FitFetti

How does FitFetti Work?

Fitfetti is an app that motivates you to make healthier life choices by partnering with people who care about health & fitness and sponsoring your journey to health! 

After every weekly goal you complete, you unlock goodies from other community members and health partners. The time you spend being active is tracked through Apple’s Health kit or FitBit and all the money transactions are carried through PayPal.

Is FitFetti Legit or A Scam?

It holds a 5 star rating by most users which makes it legitimate.

Available platforms

App Store and Google Play 


With goals that get you outside and moving, these apps not only make you feel accomplished but also reward you while doing it. 

So what are you waiting for? Download these apps, sign up, tie those laces and start earning! 

We are all already walking ; why not make our steps count?

30 Under The Table Jobs That Actually Pay

We understand how shady under the table jobs sounds. But are they really shady or illegal? 

Well, for the most part, they are not. They are simply jobs which have payouts in cash and are more than often off the books. 

We understand the stigma the terms “under the table” and “off the books” have to them but it’s important to note that only jobs which aren’t reported are illegal. As long as you do your tax reporting, you’ll be just alright.

That being said, we have for you a list of few wonderful gigs that can help you keep the cash flowing and act as income supplements.

These jobs not only have the potential of increasing your already existing income but also a probability of turning into a full-time career. If you never try, you’ll never know!

1. Babysitting 

People are zipping through life with an unmatched speed these days. This means longer and busier work hours and lesser time for their personal lives. 

Working parents often find themselves in sticky situations regarding the same. This, however, opens up a plethora of employment opportunities for people looking for under the table jobs.

If you like spending time with children and think you can take care of them, babysitting can be a good option for you as baby sitters are usually paid in cash on an hourly basis.

More than often this can turn out to be a long term job, for once you built and establish a trust and bond with the parents and children; they will consider you to take care of the kids as and when needed. 

A hindrance in this job is references. Families won’t hire you if you don’t have the necessary references and experience. However, this can be easily worked on by babysitting for a few friends or co-workers. 

If you’re looking for opportunities in babysitting, we highly suggest creating an account on Care.com, Craigslist as well as joining local facebook groups. An ever open opportunity, it won’t be hard to find families looking for babysitters if you have good references and work ethic.

Estimated pay: More than $10 an hour

2. Tutoring

Tutoring is one of the oldest and most common ways of making extra money. If you have the knowledge and the experience, tutoring can pay you for them. 

You can also start tutoring by taking training yourself on sites like EnglishFirst to ensure accurate information and knowledge. 

Tutoring can be done online as well as offline, thanks to the advanced technology now available worldwide. If you are competent in a particular area, we highly recommend trying teaching it as a skill. Not only does it help in making cash but also opens up the possibility of making it your full-time career.

With your own set work hours and almost zero overhead expenses, tutoring can be one of the most rewarding under the table jobs out there.

 Estimated pay: The average hourly pay is around $18.

3. Freelance writing

Freelancing gives you the freedom of flexibility and working on your own terms. You not only work when you want but also have unlimited earning potential.  

Working as a freelance writer is a great idea to make under the table money if you have the necessary skill and experience. 

You can write articles online for different magazines, websites, and blogs and work as a content writer. You could also write content for university students looking for help with their papers and thesis, especially during exam time.

Estimated pay: The average hourly pay is around $24.

4. Proofreading

Proofreading is the skill of examining and correcting documents before they are submitted. 

A proofreader is responsible for fixing spelling errors, punctuation, and other grammatical errors while simultaneously working on the overall composition and alignment of the document. It is a suitable under the table job for anyone looking for a work from home and flexible opportunity.

If you’re an avid reader and if this is something that appeals to you, we suggest checking out Proofread Anywhere. It is a comprehensive course on proofreading that not only teaches you the basics of it but also helps you get clients. 

Estimated pay: The average hourly pay is around $19.

5. Caterer

Catering is a great idea if you are a good cook, especially during the holidays. 

You can start by catering to friends or co-workers and eventually expand. You could also earn simply by helping busy caterers looking for help with various events and activities. Being in the caterer’s team involves helping setting up trays, making deliveries, serving food, etc. 

This could be a good temporary gig and can also give you the required experience and inspiration to start your own thing in this line!

Estimated pay: Depends on the event and your employer.

6. Gardening

People, especially the elderly are always looking for help with their yard and garden work. This could involve basic gardening work like planting flowers, plants, trimming trees, maintaining the garden regularly or simply help in setting up a new garden. 

If you have a green thumb and love for nature, this can prove to be a great under the table job for you! 

Estimated pay: The average hourly pay is around $13.

7. Cleaning

In the ever moving world, it’s hard to keep up with both professional work and domestic work. The tedious work hours often lead to dirty, unkempt homes and frustration among people. 

Whether a onetime deep cleaning or a recurring job, people are always looking for help when it comes to cleaning.

If the idea of mopping, vacuuming, dusting and generally keeping things in place doesn’t bother you, Cleaning can be your go-to under the table job. 

Care.com is a great way to find people looking for the help you have to offer when it comes to cleaning.

Estimated pay:  The average hourly pay is around $24. However, this depends on the work performed and your employer. It is possible to earn $100, $200 or even $300 for a day.

8. Digital Marketing Online

It’s 2019 and digital is the way to be. Every business regardless of industry needs marketing, and advanced digital options are becoming a clear choice for the same.

If you’re familiar with digital marketing tools like Google AdWords, search engine optimization, email marketing, etc, you can provide your services to different employers by freelancing.

The best part about freelancing is that you don’t have to restrict yourself to local brands, you can explore options globally.

Estimated pay:  You can make up to $200 a day, depending on the project and your client.

9. Crafter Selling Products From Home

If you’re blessed with the talent of making art, there is no better way to make money. From pottery to paintings you can make money selling products from home. The sky is the limit with this one as it’s possible to find a buyer for anything these days. 

We’ve come across a bunch of out-of-the-box ideas when it comes to selling crafts. Here are a few examples to stir up your imagination: 

o Silversmithing and homemade jewelry making

o Glass blowing 

o Using carpentry skills to make structures

o Home-made clothes

o Ceramics 

The most popular ways to sell your art include selling online on sites like Etsy.com, eBay, Craigslist, Facebook or creating your own website!

You can also use local events like neighborhood fairs, farmer’s market and other festivities to your advantage and set up a little booth. You can also sell your craft by advertising in magazines and the classifieds paper.

If you’re an artist currently stuck in a creative block, we suggest exploring sites like Etsy and Pinterest for your next side gig idea. 

If you have the knack for creating, don’t let anything stop you and start making money by doing what you love!

Estimated pay: Depends on the art and the demand.

10. Website Development

If you have the desired skills for developing a website, you’re entering a field that will never die. 

Every business needs a website and the job opportunities will only increase in the coming future. Making websites for local businesses can be a good side hustle. 

Various themes and ideas can be explored on sites like Envato.com. You can offer your services to individuals, influencers as well as organizations looking for your skill. 

Estimated pay: $80-$100 an hour, if you’re a good developer.

11. Dog walker/ Pet Sitter

Dogs are truly man’s best buddies since the beginning of time but they need frequent attention to maintain good health. 

Unfortunately, not every owner has the time and energy to dedicate much time to their furry friends when it comes to walks. That’s where YOU as a dog walker step in. 

Dog walking is a great under the table job if you’re a dog lover as it pays you to spend time with them. 

You can always find dog walking opportunities on rover.com and care.com that meet your requirements. 

Estimated pay: You can earn about $18 to $21 for a full hour walk. These rates differ from area to area. You can also earn bonuses for advertising and tips. 

Being a Pet sitter is another aspect of this job. If you don’t mind housing a furry friend, you can make some good money by simply having a fun time with the cutest creatures.

Estimated pay: you can easily make $20, $30 or $40 per night, per pet. Add in some more pets and we’re talking about a satisfying side income.

12. Personal Assistant

With the standard of life improving for millions of people every day, having a personal assistant is becoming less and less of a luxury. 

People frequently hire other people to perform odd jobs for them. From taking their kids to school to going grocery shopping for them, a personal assistant be expected to do almost anything and everything.

You can get hired as a personal list by making a list of all the things and skills you have to offer along with your resources. For e.g.: if you’re a good driver with a safe car, you can be hired to drive people around.

The job role includes performing random tasks for your employer and doing their work for them.  

Estimated pay: Around $3000 a month.

13. Selling Products At Carboot Sales or Garage Sales

Just like a crafter selling his art, you can also sell things lying around the house in exchange for money. 

Having a simple garage sale can not only help you get rid of extra items and clean up your house but also make you money. This is most effective for people living in urban areas facing roads as more and more people pass their property. 

If you don’t have such a property and still desire to conduct such a sale, we suggest taking your car to a park or other busy spot on a weekend and display the items you want to get rid of.

Pretty self-explanatory, it is a classic idea to earn a few bucks by doing almost nothing.  Give it a try, you’ll be quite surprised as to what people are willing to pay for.

 Estimated Pay: Depends on the goods you’re selling and their demand.

14. Driver

If you like driving, earning cash by being a driver is one of the most effective ways of making money. You can do this by offering delivery services to fast food or other local restaurants.

You can also partner with big food delivery cooperates like UberEats, DoorDash, Lyft, Postmates, etc. They are the best in the industry and pay good money to drivers.

You can collaborate with local supermarkets, and see if they require deliverymen.

You can deliver liquor if you’re comfortable driving after hours.

You can simply register on Craigslist, and check out the “rideshare” portion to see offers posted by people looking for a ride. If you’re already heading towards the destination, this makes it possible for you to earn money by sharing your car with someone. By offering a ride to someone, you can easily cover gas and other overhead expenses. 

Estimated Pay: Food delivery drivers make about $6 per delivery. If you club a number of deliveries together, making a few extra bucks becomes quite easy.

15. Personal Trainer

If you’re a fitness enthusiast looking to make some extra money, you can consider becoming a personal trainer. People are constantly looking for motivation and support when it comes to being fit which results in high demand for trainers.

You can choose to train an individual or take group classes depending on your experience, training, and skill. If you’re new to the fitness scene, you can start by conducting fitness sessions for kids or the elderly.Once experienced, you can also make money online by providing people with videos, diets and other fitness related suggestions. This way, you can cater to clients all around the world. 

It is a great option to earn cash from home if you aspire to grow in this field. 

Estimated Pay: Depends on students and the kind of fitness services you’re providing. 

16. Instructor

If you are competent in a skill and are confident about it, you can offer it to people looking to learn in exchange for extra money. 

We’re not talking certified and trained teachers. We’re simply suggesting hobby classes. 

This could be anything from dance to guitar to painting. If you have the talent, you can get people to pay for it. You can conduct classes at your own house or be a home tutor and cater to students at their place. 

You could also be an assistant to someone already taking classes. This too can prove to be a good way to gain experience to start off your own thing. 

If you’re great at something, we highly recommend checking out Craigslist. Chances are someone is already looking for what you could potentially offer!  

Estimated Pay: Depends on students and the kind of fitness services you’re providing. 

17. Manual Labor

Doing odd jobs involving manual labor is one of the most durable ways to work for cash. 

  • When it comes to moving places, everyone from new college students to new tenants require a helping hand. You can try your hand as a mover and offer services related to short moves for renters.
  • You can also try other jobs involving labor like waste removal or yard clean ups.
  • Work involving carpentry and concrete work can also be considered.

Manual labor jobs are the most popular cash paying jobs and are available throughout the year. 

If you’re okay with getting your hands dirty, we recommend checking out Craigslist to interact with people looking for help. However, it’s important to remember to read the job description closely along with the duration of the work. 

Estimated Pay:  A mover on average makes about $15 an hour.

18. Photography

Have a DSLR and a skill to capture the best of life? Use it to make money. 

At a time where Instagram is booming and everyone wants to have the perfect squares online, the demand for good photographers has increased.  The ever-growing image-centric internet now demands the best quality photographs and videos for their ever-growing audience.

Be it weddings, baby showers, vacations or other parties, a photographer can find work in a variety of spheres. If you have a knack for photography, you can also create tutorials online and take classes!

If you do wish to find work as a photographer, it is important to have a good portfolio of your past work as this is what the employer will be judging you on. Especially as a freelancer, make sure you have a good big book of your samples and referrals. 

Estimated Pay: A photographer on average makes about $15 an hour.

19. Street Entertainment

This may seem a little silly on this list but is a good way of making a few extra bucks every once in a while. 

Street entertainment can include anything from music to dance to magic. 

If you live near a popular tourist area, take your talents to the street and add to those funds. If you’re a musician or a dancer, it can be a liberating place to practice and test out new pieces. 

There’s a lot you can do on a busy street as long as you make sure it’s legal, not obtrusive, fun and in the right spot. It’s not only a way of making money but also a way of unwinding and having fun with random strangers. 

Estimated Pay: Depends on your audience.

20. Tour Guide

With a good knowledge of your city and some free time on your hand, you can become a tour guide for tourist spots in your city. 

A friendly, approachable personality and a willingness to interact and answer questions are a must have for this occupation. Bonus points if you speak a foreign language! 

You can conduct specialized tours by yourself or by registering with a company working in tourism. You can check out Craigslist to see the demand for tour guides out there.

A touristy city and a fun personality is a great combination that makes money in this gig!

Estimated Pay: An average US tour guide makes $13 an hour.

21. Interpreter

At a time of peak globalization, businesses have gone international. If you speak multiple languages, it is your time to shine. Working as an interpreter can prove to be the perfect cash gig for your polyglot self.

The job opportunities for an interpreter and translator have seen high demand over the last few years, and the demand seems to be only growing further.

You can serve as a translator, a document reviewer or a localization specialist and make this a high paying gig. 

Estimated Pay: An interpreter on average makes $20 an hour.

22. Housesitter

Similar to pet sitting, house sitting is a job with lots of responsibility. 

As a house sitter, you become responsible for the security, maintenance, and safety of the employer’s house. You are also expected to perform trivial tasks like picking up mail, water plants, etc. Basically, take care of the house while the owners are away. This is mostly required to avoid burglaries and thefts.

If you have some extra time on your hand, house sitting is easy money.

Estimated Pay: A house sitter makes $12 per hour on average.

23. In-home Makeup and Salon Services

Once stigmatized, makeup now is considered as an art on its own. As more and more people embrace the joy of this activity, the demand for professional skill has increased. 

If you are a lover of all things make-up and beauty and have the desired skill and practice, you can make this your cash paying gig! 

Be it glow-up makeovers, occasion-based styling or hair salon services, a lot can be offered by the comforts of your house. 

Estimated Pay: An in-home makeup artist can make up to $18 an hour.

24. Car Washing

Car washing is a common under the table job that people turn to when in need of some extra bucks. 

A good and clean job performed in a timely manner can ensure customers returning to you for your service. You can also provide mobile car wash services at clients’ homes to set yourself apart from numerous people doing the same old carwashing. 

Set your own price and simply start selling your service. Make sure you’re the best in the neighborhood as word of mouth goes a long way. Once you increase the number of customers for your service, you’ll see the money flowing right in.

Estimated Pay: A basic car wash can earn you $10-$15 a car.

25. Rent Your Room

An extremely lucrative option to make extra cash, renting a room out is one of the oldest practices to earn more. 

However, we’re not talking about renting your room or house out to a tenant for a month or a year. We’re talking about a new trend that’s changing the face of accommodation – Renting your room on a daily basis.

Still confused? What we mean is to rent out your room to different people on different dates. Basically, make your house an Airbnb. 

If by any chance you don’t know what an Airbnb is, here’s a little sneak peek –It is a revolutionary concept that allows users to experience culture by living with locals in their houses, that too for very reasonable prices. It is being chosen by millions of people every day over hotels.

You too can partner with this innovative concept, and make money by listing out your room with Airbnb.

Estimated Pay: Depends on your house details and the location.

26. Scoping

Scoping is a hidden gem when it comes to ways of making money.

 If this is your first hearing this term, here’s a little about scoping: 

It is the editing of transcripts for court reporters. A scopist reads and edits the transcript that a court reporter types. The court reporter types using a steno machine and computer-aided transcription software during court proceedings. However, the high pressure and fast pacing proceeds can lead to a number of errors in the document.

As a scopist, your job would be to fill missing words, add or correct punctuation and fix any other grammatical errors. However, it’s difficult to bag a job as a scopist without any training. If this role genuinely appeals to you, we suggest learning how to become a scopist through Internet Scoping School (ISS).

ISS is the most thorough, effective and popular scoping school that exists and is highly recommended by the National Court Reporters Association. 

Estimated Pay: Scopists are paid by page and as a beginner scopist you can expect to make $20 an hour. This amount can increase or decrease depending on your speed, quality of work and complexity of the court proceeding. 

27. Taking Surveys Online

The oldest way of making a few extra bucks, you can spend your free time completing surveys and answering questions for different sites. 

These sites connect brands looking for consumer insights with customers looking to make money online. Answering a few simple questions on your daily life gets you paid. 

  • Survey Junkie is one of the top paid survey sites if you’re looking for high paying surveys. Survey sites mostly pay users through PayPal, in the form of check or gift cards. 
  • American Consumer Opinion is another online website that offers its users frequent high paying surveys.  

If you’re looking to find more information on how to take surveys and which sites to join, PanelPlace is a platform with all the relevant information. 

Estimated Pay: $2-$3 dollars per survey depending on the site.

28. Being Active on Paid-to Sites

Just like survey sites, there exist a plethora of options when it comes to earning money for performing online tasks. 

However, not all of them are worthy of your time. When trying to earn money by performing simple activities like watching videos and taking product trials, it’s important to trust established sites with your time. 

  • Swagbucks is one popular site that you can trust for legit and timely payment for activities performed.  You can choose from a variety of tasks like playing games, watching videos, taking surveys, etc.

One of the easiest ways to make money, all this option takes is one Smartphone or computer. 

  • Quick Rewards is another online rewards site that pays the user to perform activities like reading emails, printing grocery coupons, shopping online, etc.  The easiest way to get extra cash from the comforts of your home!

Estimated Pay: $2-$3 dollars per task depending on the site.

29. Make Money on Smartphone Apps

If you’re someone who spends most of their free time on the phone and the internet, we have for you the perfect way to obtain additional funds.

You can replace the mindless scrolling with something productive like making money on apps like CashPirate, Swagbucks, InboxDollars, etc. 

These apps basically pay you for having fun. 

CashPirate, for instance, pays users for fun tasks like trying out a new game and watching a little video trailer.

The average American spends about 24 hours a week online, why not make money throughout?

Estimated Pay: $2-$3 dollars per task depending on the site.

Lets Wrap Up

One day or day one? You decide.

We hope this list of under the table jobs will get your creative juices flowing as you explore new job opportunities and also help you create your own! 


Are you naturally gifted at flirting?

Do you like to meet new people?

Can you hold a decent conversation?

Ever wondered if you could get paid to be an online friend in need?

Ever wonder if there are any internet girlfriend jobs?

If this sounds like you and you’ve got some free time on your hands that you’d like to use to earn some extra cash, here is a list of websites and online forums that will help:


If you’re good at engaging people in conversations and want to make big bucks at the comfort of your own home, Flirtbucks is just the thing for you.

Flirtbucks is an online program where you get paid to chat with strangers.

Unlike other ‘paid to text’ forums, there is no cam recording, psychic line or nudity involved, you get hired as a chat hostess and are paid real money for just being the charming, flirtatious communicator you are.

The great thing about Flirtbucks is that they encourage you to be who you are i.e. you choose the people you want to chat with and you choose the subject you want to chat about.

This Flirtbucks review shall brief you on all the things you need to know:

How does it work?

At Flirtbucks they require a chat hostess who will get paid to chat online with men. It’s not a ‘sex chat for money’ kind of forum and does not encourage you to step out of your comfort zone or do things you don’t want to.

You have the freedom to choose.

You get monetary incentives per minute. These incentives increase with the increased amount of time you spend in the program. Look at the chart below for reference:

To maintain your Flirtbucks hostess account, all you have to do is be active for every consecutive pay period. These pay periods are every two weeks, so even when you’re busy with work or you just don’t have enough time on your hands to text, just make sure to be active for even just a few minutes before the next pay period and your account will stay active.

What are the requirements for this?

To be a part of the Flirtbucks program you MUST fulfil the following requirements:

  • You must be over the age of 18.
  • Have a valid government identification to stand as proof for age verification
  • Have access to a computer/laptop with webcam
  • Have access to high speed internet
  • Have a decent typing speed ( at least 40 WPM)
  • Have a good command on english
  • Have good engagement and conversation skills

Keep in mind that Flirtbucks is currently only recruiting hostesses in United States, Australia, United Kingdom and Canada. They are willing to consider applicants from other countries as well however their acceptance is not guaranteed.

Here are some FAQ’s about Flirtbucks answered for you:

How much can I make?

You can make as much as you want, depending upon your need and the amount of time you can contribute. If you set your mind to it, you can earn as much as you want since you are paid by the minute. There are no limits set to how much you can benefit from this program.

 Do I have to send pictures?

It is not necessary for you to send pictures. This is not a graphic adult forum, it is just a flirtatious chat service, you get paid to flirt online and you can set the limits as per your comfortability. Flirtbucks never encourages you to take directions from someone or do something you are uncomfortable with. You have the freedom to exit the chat if you choose to do so.

When and how will I get paid?

There are two pay periods every month. The first pay period is from the 1st to the 15th and the second from the 15th to the 30th. Flirtbucks pays out to hostesses during this period. You can choose the payment method, Flirtbucks uses both bank transfer and paypal.


MyGirlFund is an online chat service where you get paid to chat, flirt or sext. It is basically a forum where girls make money talking to guys online.

It is an online community where all members interact in a casual, flirtatious zone and get to connect with new people.

The basic idea of this site is that girls get paid to send text messages and perform various services for men from just talking, flirting, sexting to get paid to be a virtual girlfriend. You sign up, start a ‘fund’ and receive ‘donations’ from men that will help you fulfil your monetary goals. If you’re looking for websites where men give you money, MyGirlFund is it.

How does it work?

It’s simple. All you have to do is sign up, create a profile and have your charisma on. 

How will I get paid?

Once you successfully create a profile, MyGirlFund will provide you 1 credit for every text you send to their members. If you want to take it further in a fun, sexy chat- you can set your own rates. Besides that, you have your ‘fund’ where the members can make donations.The basic idea for sites like MyGirlFund is for girls to use it to ‘fund’ something in their personal lives, be it college, personal expenses, travel etc.

What are the requirements?

Just an internet connection and a computer with a webcam will do.

Here are some FAQ’s about MyGirlFund answered for you:

How much money can I make?

There is no such limit. You can earn as much as your heart desires (and as many men you can woo).

Is it safe?

Yes. MyGirlFund is completely safe, in fact, they encourage their members not to share personal information and just let the community be a safe place for adults to relax and have fun.

Who can see my profile and photos?

Privacy is a big priority for sites like MyGirlFund. They offer you fully customisable privacy settings so you can control who can and cannot view your photos and videos.


 Text121Chat is another online forum where you get paid to sext. The unique thing about this, is that it is up and running 24 hours a day, 365 days a week! You can choose your working hours and get paid to talk on the phone in the comfort of your own home.

Are there any specific requirements?

The only requirement is sending at least a 1000 messages a month.

How does it work?

You simply sign up on the text121chat website and choose your operator program. The working hours are super flexible and the rates are good.


Chat Recruit is one of the most reputed adult service providers in the UK. It is a global platform where:

  • You can get paid to sext online
  • You can get paid to talk to people on the phone.
  • You can get paid to cam record

If you’re looking to get paid to talk to people online or to get paid to text men in the comfort of your own home, Chat Recruit is a great option. It provides competitive rates and regular payments straight to your bank account, with no set work timings! Since they accept registrations directly, there is no hassle of middlemen or secondary agents.

How does it work?

Simply register online on the Chat Recruit website and choose your desired service that you would like to get paid for. Then create your profile and start earning! 

What are the requirements?

You must be over the age of 18 and provide valid identification proof approved by the government so that your age verification can be done. Other than that, if you’re just registering for the phone service, all you need is a landline or a mobile phone. If you’re registering as a cam recorder, you must have a high speed internet connection, a PC or Mac with a high quality webcam.

How do I get paid?

You get paid by the minute. Across the services, you will be making around $1.30/minute. You will be paid higher for cam modelling!

When will I get paid?

You can choose the frequency that is most comfortable to you – either monthly or bi-monthly. UK hosts have the option to get paid weekly.

Here are some FAQ’s about Chat Recruit answered for you:

Are my details safe?

Absolutely! Your personal details are never on display on the website alongside your profile. No third parties can get ahold of your details.

Why do you need my ID?

The need of an ID is solely so they can verify your age. NO information is passed onto third parties.

Lip Service

LipService provides you a flexible yet profitable opportunity to get paid to talk to lonely guys.. It is a licensed corporation that is looking for telephone girls with a nice voice. Unlike other ‘get paid to flirt’ forums, this one exclusively works with telecommunication. If you have a tempting voice and would like to earn some extra cash just by putting your voice to work, Lip Service is a great solution!

What are the requirements? 

  • A dedicated landline number to the service.
  • A great voice and an engaging personality
  • You must be over the age of 18 and for some positions you might have to be over the age of 21.
  • You must be living in the United States or Canada
  • Have a PC/MAC
  • Have a high speed internet connection
  • Have a steady access to your emails

How does it work?

Just go on the Lip Service website and fill out a job application if you meet all their requirements! Once you get hired, it’s easy to make money on your own terms. Flexible working hours and competitive payments make the benefits even better!


ChatOperatorJobs pays people to conduct textual conversations for their adult dating fantasy website. Make money sending and receiving texts! It is available 24/7 for all days making sure that you are never short of work and that you can make as much money as possible!

How does it work?

You register on the ChatOperatorJobs website and that’s it! Start working in the comfort of your own home, with flexible working hours and a great pay. There is no experience required to register for this job and you can start with it almost immediately! Since they have a constant stream of messages waiting to be replied to, it is a super flexible way to get paid to text dirty.

What are the requirements?

  • Since this is an adult service provider job, you should know how to deal with suggestive messages. If graphic, strong adult-oriented language makes you uncomfortable, then it is suggested that you do not register for this job.
  • You should have good grammar and conversation skills. No use of textual language such as you=u, to=2, etc.
  • A minimum of 75 messages to be answered per week.
  • You must have a UK bank account for receiving the weekly payments.
  • You MUST be 21 years or older.
  • Since this is a self-employed position, you are responsible for your own tax.

How much do I get paid?

You get paid $0.20 for every message you answer on your PC, tablet or mobile phone! You can work either part-time or full-time depending on your need and availability.

How do I get paid?

A guaranteed weekly payment will be credited to your signed PayPal account/bank account.

Here are some FAQ’s about ChatOperatorJobs answered for you:

How much money can I make?

There is no limitation. Some operators make $500 a week and some just get a little extra spending money, it’s all up to you! As much work as you put in, the more you will get paid.

Do I have to send photos?

Not really. It is just an adult dating forum where you get paid to talk to lonely men. You just have to be a charismatic and flirty texter, that’s your only job.

Are my details safe?

Yes! Since you’re only logging into a web portal to talk to strangers, none of your personal details will be displayed. You will be replying to adult messages safely and anonymously.



Iwantphone.com is a provider for sex chat operators and cam models. If you’re looking to get paid for sexting, or talk to lonely guys for money, this might be a good option for you to consider. With daily payouts and a job for every gender (male, female and transgender), iwantphone is the leading sex chat provider.

How do I get started?

It’s easy. The only thing you have to do is sign up on their official website, iwantclips.com and create an artist profile. Signing up on iwantclips means that you can operate your iwantphone account and also be eligible to sell MP3’S, clips and videos to their customers if you wish to.

How does it work? 

  • Once you have your artist account in place, you need to connect a phone number so you can start getting paid for your work. The calls are encrypted, prioritising your privacy.
  • Set the price per minute. The great thing about iwantphone is that every artist has full control over what they want to charge their customers per minute.
  • Create phone lines for areas that you’re interested in.

  • Artists also have full control over the reception of cals. You can turn on/off any phone line according to your own convenience.

Are there any requirements? 

  • Iwantphone requires their providers to be above the age of 18.
  • Submission of a valid government ID is necessary for age verification and also to maintain the integrity of the community.
  • All genders are welcome. Everyone can make some extra money since there is no discrimination on the basis or either gender or sexual orientation.
  • You must have a working phone and a working phone number.

How do I get paid?

You can cash out daily, bi-weekly or monthly. Refer below for cash outs and their minimums required to get paid:

Incase of daily payouts, 5% commision is charged on your total cash out because of administration fees that accumulate due to daily payments.

Iwantphone also pays you for the first five minutes of any call. They really value their artists’ time, therefore even if the customer ends a call earlier than five minutes, you will get paid.

How much do I make?

You make 70% of your revenue, 30% being the commission fee charged.

Are my details safe?

Yes. Your ID details are completely private and are never exposed to third parties. The phone number you use to receive calls is also confidential and never displayed on screen.


ManyVids is a an adult service provider that deals with multiple services like cam modelling, fanclub subscriptions, phone sex chat etc.  There are tons of ways to make money on this website and like iwantphone, ManyVids is also all gender inclusive which means that everyone can get a job and make some extra money on here!

What are the requirements?

The only requirement for registering as a service provider with ManyVids is that you must of the age of 18 or older. You must also produce a valid government ID for the sole purpose of age verification. Your details will remain confidential and will never be exposed to any third parties.

If you wish to join the modelling sector, and sell video clips etc. to their customers, then you also require decent equipment. The better quality of your videos, the more money you can charge for your services.

How much do I make?

All providers make 60-80% of their revenue, the rest being administrative and commission fees. Other than that, there is no set limit. You make as much as you work. Since you can set your rates for everything you perform, it is a really flexible way of earning money.

When do I get paid?

You get paid on the 1st and the 16th of every month. There is no additional fee charges on cashouts, however a minimum of $50-$100 is required for cashouts, depending on your selected cashout method.

Here are some FAQ’s about ManyVids answered for you:

Do I have to send photos?

If you just register for providing phone sex services the no, you are not required to send photos.

Are my details safe?

While ManyVids can guarantee that your personal details will not be exposed to any third parties, your phone number is your own responsibility. The calls are not encrypted, therefore it is suggested that you use a separate phone number.


Phrendly is different from others on this list. Phrendly is an online dating app, but not the kind of online dating you’re expecting.

How does it work?

When you meet someone online, there is an expectation on both ends to meet in real life. This real life date takes the fun out of the whole experience of online dating, therefore, Phrendly created this opportunity for people to just have fun, no expectations attached.

How do I make money?

When you ask someone out on a date, you pay for their drink or coffee right? In the same way, if a person likes you, they buy you a drink, which is then translated into monetary benefits.

How to get started?

You can either sign up on their website or download their handy app!


I feel like it is a smart way of earning some extra cash. Unlike other work from home jobs, you don’t really have to put in a lot of effort.

As long as you’re good at communicating and can handle suggestive text messages and adult language, you can earn a good amount in barely any time.

What I think is very attractive about these jobs is the flexibility and the control you have. You can work whenever you want and for as long as you want in a day and you also get to choose who you want to entertain.

This might help you feel more self-accomplished rather than a job where you have to take orders from someone.

This sums up some of the best sites if you want to get paid to message guys.

Pick one and start earning today!

GET FREE STARBUCKS – Here’s How You Can Claim Free Starbucks Refills

Wondering what it would be like to live in a world where you can get free Starbucks? Well, you already do!

Being one of the biggest and most popular coffee chains with an outlet at every turn, it’s no surprise that Starbucks is the coffee fix for a lot of people. That being said, it can also get really expensive if Starbucks is your go-to breakfast on the go and the central hub for all your meetings. 

The average american spends about $3-$5 on coffee everyday, which doesn’t seem like a lot unless you focus on the big picture – which comes out to be around $1100-$1900 a year. 

Now that seems like an awful lot to spend on something like coffee doesn’t it?

Don’t worry, we’ve found a number of ways you can reduce that number and possibly get your favourite latte all year around free of cost! Here’s how to get free Starbucks: 

Starbucks rewards programme

At an annual price of $49, this rewards programme is a steal for the daily Starbucks drinker and has the potential to save you a lot of money that you spend on your daily coffee. The Starbucks Rewards Visa Card is truly a gift for loyal customers, here’s how it works:

After getting your Starbucks Rewards Visa Card, you get the opportunity to earn 6500 Stars after spending $500 anywhere in the first three months! This huge bonus reward is probably the greatest thing about getting on the Starbucks Rewards program.

The ongoing rewards look something like this:

  • You earn 3 stars for every $1 spent at Starbucks (this includes 1 star for $1 that’s been digitally loaded via the starbucks mobile app using the Starbucks Rewards Visa Card and 2 stars for spending in store using your Starbucks Rewards Visa Card)
  • You earn 1 star for every $2 spent on groceries, on local commuting and transit, and on the cable, internet , and mobile services.
  • You earn 1 star per $4 on all other purchases.

For every 125 stars you can redeem a free food or drink at starbucks! Unlike other card services, you don’t have to wait to collect a certain number of points- the rewards system provides you instant gratification. 

The card also offers eight Barista Picks annually. Barista picks is basically a coupon with pre-selected food and drinks. 

You can get these food items and drinks for free and they are loaded into your account every six weeks or so. However, you have to use up these coupons within 30 days as it does come with a validity date and are not collectibles. 

When you first join this programme you’re automatically granted the Green Level. Once you spend around $150 a year or $12.50 a month (equivalent to 300 stars), you get upgraded to the Gold Level and enjoy the perks of being a gold member.

Free starbucks! 

Whether you’re a Green member or a Gold member, you can still get starbucks free refills for your hot or cold brewed coffee, hot or iced tea or a cold brew when you use your registered Starbucks Rewards Card. 

As a Gold member you would get some additional perks like any Starbucks free coffee/drink, in any size, after you collect 125 stars, or the once-a-month special promotion run by Starbucks where gold members earn 4 stars on every $1 spent.

Get a free drink on your birthday!

This is another reason to sign up for the Starbucks rewards programme. Not only is the Green level completely free of cost but you also get your favourite drink absolutely free on your birthday! 

Your Starbucks free birthday drink can have crazy customisations and add ons that day, in any size you like! You could also pick something from the food menu instead if that’s what you prefer. 

Special discounts and offers!

Look out for limited/special offers. 

Redeeming your free starbucks gift cards can give you the best bang for your buck. They also do happy hours where you can get upto 50% off on a selection of specialty drinks. 

Depending on where you live, Starbucks also offers special promotions from time to time. 

Especially during holidays, Starbucks has their starbucks buy one get one free (BOGO) offer.

Save money while saving the earth

You could also start carrying your own travel mug to Starbucks and save $0.10 on every drink! That amounts to around $36.50 annually. 

I admit this number doesn’t seem like a lot but if put in another perspective, this is almost being able to afford 18 more coffees!

 Also, you’re saving the planet while you’re at it so why not try buying your own mug? Here’s an example:

Here are some other apps that can make your starbucks a lot more pocket-friendly: 

  • Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the most popular ways of getting cashback offers and money making offers i.e. making money while you buy something.

 You don’t have to worry about this being a scam, Swagbucks is 100% legit and has paid out more than $300 million. 

Swagbucks is a 100% free to join and their platform is spread across various countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Australia, Canada, France, India etc. so you don’t have to worry about whether or not you can benefit from this app!

 If Swagbucks is somehow not available in your country, make sure to at least sign up. You might be mistaken, and if not, the Swagbucks will inform you when it’s available. 

Now, how to benefit from Swagbucks? 

It’s easy. You sign up for free and start collecting points i.e. SwagBucks (SB’s).

One of the reasons Swagbucks is so great is because of the variety of ways you can earn SB’s and further redeem them for gift cards, coupons and cashback offers.

You could earn by:

  1. Watching videos and movies: you don’t even have to necessarily watch them, just let them play in the background while you’re on Facebook and earn upto 500 swagbucks a day. They also give you a decent choice of categories like home, entertainment, travel, games etc.
  2. Surveys: an easier and quicker way to earn is to fill out surveys. For people who do not have enough time on a computer to watch movies, filling out surveys is a more convenient option. Make sure to check your potential earnings before you start filling out a survey. Each paid survey takes around 20 minutes to complete depending on how many SB’s it’s offering.
  3. Play games: fan of online games? This one is gonna be a treat for you. You can earn SB’s just by playing games on Swagbucks.
  4. Swagbutton: downloading the Swagbucks extension on your browser like Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox etc will help you earn 1 SB a day along with additional opportunities like earning points by online shopping, playing games, watching videos etc. 

The Swagbucks app is available both on ios and android. 

You can redeem your SB’s for gift cards for your favourite retailers like Starbucks, Walmart, Target, etc. You can also cash out your points via PayPal.

  • Ibotta

Ibotta is a free app that allows you to earn high amounts of cashbacks (it’s one of the highest paying apps out there) both online and in-store. 

We all are aware how digital coupons work right? Well, think of Ibotta as a kind of digital coupon but instead of getting the discount at the register when you’re checking out, the amount is added as cashback into your Ibotta account. 

This cashback keeps building into your account. When you feel like it’s grown enough, you can withdraw it.

You could either get cash through PayPal or Venmo or purchase gift cards for your favourite retailers like Starbucks, Amazon, Target, etc. 

Usually, these gift cards are offered at a discounted price for example, you could get a $25 gift card for $20. 

Ibotta is also one of those apps where you don’t have to worry about it being a scam. It has a strong 4.5/5 rating with over 400,000+ combined reviews from happy customers that make it seem legit. 

It is understandable that these “get money for free” apps may look a little bit sketchy so it’s helpful to know why they are doing what they do and how they make profits. 

Well, for Ibotta, it works by referring retailers and stores to customers and every time something is bought, they earn a referral commission. It’s not just a hot in the dark when you download Ibotta for earning some extra money, this is a 100% legit way to get those additional dollars. 

There are two ways you can earn with Ibotta:

  • In store: once you create an Ibotta account for free, you can find “rebate offers” either by product or by store category.

 Ibotta carries almost all the biggest retailers. This includes most national grocery chains like Krogers, Whole Foods, etc. and big-box stores like Walmart, Target, etc. look through the offers and add the ones on your shopping list (sometimes you may have to complete a short task before adding like watching an ad video). 

After you’re done selecting your offers, you can go shopping! 

Remember to keep the receipts though, do not accidentally crumple them up because taking a picture of these receipts is what will get you your cashback! 

Go to the Ibotta app and follow the instructions required to verify your purchases. You would probably need to scan the barcode on your purchased items and submit a picture of your receipt.

 That’s how easy it is! After accumulating at least $20 you’re eligible to either cash out through PayPal or Venmo, or you could purchase discounted gift cards. 

  • Online: download the Ibotta mobile app and register for free.

 Look through the variety of stores and pick your favourites, after that you can start looking for offers that interest you. 

To add these offers to your list, you may have to complete a short task like watching a commercial por filling out a short survey. 

With the online way of earning with Ibotta, most offers are available only for a limited amount of time, so make sure you keep track and don’t miss out on good deals. 

The online shopping feature of Ibotta lets you make in-app purchases, meaning that retailers are automatically informed once you make a purchase and you don’t have to go through the verification process.

 The deals are usually quite substantial so make sure you have a good look through the offers and get the best pick.

 First time users also get a bonus $10 for their first rebate through Ibotta! When you accumulate upto $20 you can either cash out or buy gift cards. 

  • Survey junkie 

Wanna find a lazy way to get that free Starbucks? Survey Junkie is just the thing for you. 

Many companies send out surveys to find out their market coverage and to understand the needs of their potential customers better. 

Survey junkie connects you to such companies who are looking for your unique opinion on a variety of not only products but also services like innovative electronics, make-up products, how effective their advertising is etc. you just have to provide your opinion and you can get paid for it! 

You simply look through their selection and pick surveys that interest you! Answer a few questions about your personal experience and your life and earn some extra cash with no extra effort.

Survey junkie is also a 100% free and a 100% legit. It is an online community with over 3 million happy customers that are earning that extra dollar with almost no effort. 

Of course, it’s no app that’ll help you pay off your bills but it does earn you real money that you wouldn’t have otherwise. 

Survey junkie also pays you if you physically or virtually participate in a focus group.

Here’s how you earn with Survey Junkie: 

Once you create a Survey Junkie account for free, you can start taking surveys. 

You’ll be able to see how much time it takes to complete a particular survey and how many points you’ll be earning if you complete it. 

Before getting to the actual survey, Survey Junkie is going to ask you some screening questions like your job profile or your income to find out if you’re the right fit for that survey. If yes, you get to complete it, if not, you still earn a couple of points for giving it a shot.

Every 100 points you earn is equivalent to $1 so it really doesn’t take that long to earn money. Once you accumulate 1000 points (equating to 10$) you can either cash out via Paytm or get a gift card for popular retailers like Amazon, Target, Starbucks, etc.

  • Drop

Drop is an app specifically created keeping in mind the millennial and gen-z population. A research conducted revealed that most young-adults and teens do not consider themselves brand loyal but obviously, still want rewards. Drop makes this easy.

Here’s how it works:

The Drop app is available both on iTunes and Google Play. You could also go on their website and register your phone number if that’s what you prefer. The first step is to sign up and create an account, completely free of cost.

Connect a debit or a credit card and allow Drop to take care of the rest. You don’t have to worry about reward cards or login in anywhere else, Drop will track your purchases and offers that you connect with on the Drop app and add it to your points. 

Pick your favourite brands! Drop usually offers more prominent brands like Walmart, Target, Starbucks etc. Choose your top 5, and choose them wisely because you will not be able to edit this in the future. My advice would be to pick places you shop most regularly at.

Now all that’s left to do is to earn points! Go on with your usual shopping routine with your registered card and earn points on the side for doing absolutely nothing different.

 You can redeem your points for gift cards at your favourite retailers like Starbucks, Amazon, etc. once you accumulate 5000 points. 

Points can be redeemed in multiples of 5000. 5000 points equates to $5. You earn 12 points for every dollar spent at Starbucks! (this is a high rate considering you earn only 2 points per dollar at Target and Walmart).


What I mean to say is that there are multiple ways to get some money off of your Starbucks order. This list should give you enough ideas to get your Starbucks free all year around! Just by being a more vigilant consumer, filling out a few surveys or watching videos, you can save the $1100-$1900 that you would spend on your favourite coffee. Drink up!